Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Weekly log 17-Feb to 23-Feb-2014

Coming off a record mileage week of 82 miles this past week, I'll be looking to dial back the mileage a bit this week and mix in other activities.  Next race (Ocean's Run) is still 3 weeks away, so I'm hoping to get a long (15+) group run in on the weekend again.

Monday:  7
Noon run:  Y out to Pawcatuck neighborhoods, Greenhaven and back.  Running downtown on High Street, I heard "Is that the fastest you can run?!".  Who's heckling me now?  Next comment will probably be something about my snowman!  Looked over and saw Jeff Duda laughing.  He's a possible for both Ocean's Run Half Marathon and Rhode Warrior Half Ironman.

Afternoon swim:  900 yards (1/2 mile).  500 warm-up, 400 mixed.

Evening spin:  Rounding out the tri efforts for the day, went to spin class with FiveK.  The instructor was an older woman I didn't recognize, and the music a little too "easy listening" style for me, but the moral is "Don't judge a book by the cover", as it turned out to be an a#% kicking hills section.  There was a U2 song thrown in there, and ended with Bon Jovi's "Runaway".

Tuesday:  0
Thus endeth the running streak.  Didn't realize until Mike B pointed it out, as it was unintended, but I ran 21 days in a row.  Not much of a quantity for a true streaker, but probably the longest in my life.

Wednesday:  15
Morning run:  (8).  Very icy 14 degree run.  At one point, I went down hard, and ended up with a bloody knee.  Worse, several holes in my only pair of running tights.  Might not need them again this season, but still a bummer.  By the time I got to Weekapaug, the roads, especially Atlantic, were a sheet of ice.  Ran the beach back despite being high tide, so I could at least get some traction.

Afternoon skate:  Being the very mean father that I am, I took the day to spend time with our two teenage sons, forced Mark to get out of bed at the ungodly hour of 11AM, and took them to Newport for lunch, ice skating, and dessert / drinks at Starbucks.  Yes, we have our own very nice rink in Westerly, but there's always the risk there that one of their friends might see them out with their Dad and embarrass them.

Afternoon workout:  (7).  Chase Hill Road, Ashaway.  FiveK planned out a workout from Grills lot out to Route 3 and back, where for the outward portion, we would run 2 minutes hard towards Route 3, and then 1 minute easy reversing the direction.  Sounds easy at first, except the whole road is basically a hill in one direction or the other, and we did eight repetitions with the 2-minute hard sections mostly run at low-5s pace.  Beater!

Thursday:  5
Early morning:  Another icy run, but not as bad as yesterday.  Hospital loop.
Spent the rest of the day X-C skiing with my uncle (pictured here) and my cousin
at Maple Corner Farm in Granville, MA.
Proud of my father's brother, 75 years young and out there at it all day.

Friday:  4
Afternoon went for a run in the fog.  Slow, bloated from a heavy lunch, and lethargic.  Just wasn't into it.  Shortest run in a long time.

Followed up with 1,200 yards in the pool with FiveK, until we were kicked out of the pool because of thunder.  Yes, thunder in February, and no, the thunder and lightning was not inside.  Longest swim since last year.  A little cramping in my calf, but seemed to go away.

Saturday:  15
Group run from the Y into Stonington with Muddy, FiveK, Chris, and organizer Mike B.  The weather was warm, the route and water stop were top notch, but unfortunately the icy roads were unnerving for me.  I had grandeur visions of trying to run the last 2-3 miles at MP, but after a fall I was overly cautious and my legs were quite tight.  As usual, a good time and good workout.
FiveK apparently didn't get enough of a workout, as he headed next for a swim, while the rest of us bemoaned not bringing a change of clothes so that we could visit the sauna to decompress and commiserate.
Yes, another body parts photo that I know you've all been craving!
Chris, this is what you missed after breaking off from the group.  A
fall on ice landed first on my right knee (to complement the bruised
left knee from another ice fall earlier in week) and then on my left hip.  Ouch!

Sunday:  11
Solo run through Weekapaug and Misquamicut.  Yesterday's desired miles at MP were not to be, so today, sans yesterday's ice and tight legs, I dropped three contiguous faster miles mid-run:  6:22, 6:17, and 6:20.  Cool down back on the beach.  Felt much better.

Weekly totals:
Run:  57 miles
Spin:  1 x 45 minutes
Swim:  1.2 miles
Ice skating:  1x
X-C skiing:  1x

The run mileage was lower, but still historically quite high for me at 57.  Also happy to mix in quite a few varied athletic activities.  Even got into the pool twice.  Wound down the week with a few MP miles today; I need to do more of that if I want to fare decently at a late spring marathon.

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  1. A second bloody knee to match the first? You put yourself through a lot for the sake of symmetry! I hope it's not too bad. At least you didn't destroy any pricy Nike garments this time.