Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Weekly Log 14-Mar to 20-Mar-2016: Farewell to the Winter that Wasn't

Winter 2015/16 has come to an end.  Unfortunately, this one was personally disappointing as it was characterized by well above average temperatures and save for a single week, almost no snow.
  • Trail races in snow:  0
  • Snow-shoeing:  0
  • Cross-country skiing:  0
  • Snowy sufferfests:  1 romp in Woody Hill in foot-deep snow

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  5
Damp late afternoon run through Weekapaug.

Wednesday:  3
Plotting course for Wahaneeta Trail 5K.  Came out to 2.9 miles on GPS.  Assuming approval on April 1, I'll revisit with a measuring wheel and then tweak as needed.

Not depicted well here, but there will be a few hills to keep it interesting.
Nothing major, max ascent about 40' and descent about 70'.
Thursday:  5
700' of elevation gain in Bartlett, NH, including 375' on a steep hill in the first mile.  Huffin' and puffin'.

The run was followed up by 15.2 miles of downhill skiing,
under beautiful sunny skies.
Mt. Washington is the snow-covered peak in center.

Friday:  6
Bartlett, NH.  A bit of everything from snow and ice-covered trails to asphalt to dirt roads to mud.  All on rubbery legs.

14.9 miles of skiing today.
End of the ski season brought great bargains in not only lift ticket
prices, but also scored a 2-bedroom ski-in/ski-out condo pretty cheap.
(Mark in black in front of the condo unit we stayed.)
Saturday:  7
Back home.  Ran in Woody Hill.  Legs still trashed.  No long run this weekend.

Sunday:  9
Matthew picked the trails:  technical trails Long / Ell / Ashville Pond and back, and then up to and around Hidden Lake.   Crossing the dirt road before Hidden Lake, a guy went by on an ATV, and Matthew remarked that he looked like he just murdered someone.  He did look pretty scary and unfriendly indeed.  Hope he didn't think he same of us.
Matthew scrambling up the toughest ascent of the day.
I remember running here with Crutch and Beth a couple years back.

Weekly mileage:
Run:  35

Weekly synopsis:
Mileage fell apart here.  What should have been a mileage week well into the high 50s didn't come close.  Not sure if there's any complementary cross-training value from downhill skiing, but that was the price of skiing two full days that I'm willing to accept.  No excuses next week!



  1. Gazelle..you may not have hit your desired mileage but you certainly had a fun week of training and skiing. As a side note, add one more to your 2016 Snowy Sufferfest total..you went for one with me!

    1. Thank Tom. And, oh yes, I did forget about our snow run in Champlin in February!

  2. I'm with 5K, there is a lot to be said about having a little fun! Looks like it was a fun week and I remember the scramble up that 'hill' with you and Crutch a few years back. That was fun running and talking with you in the midst of your recovery.

    1. Good times, indeed, Beth! Thanks for the reminder to keep it fun.