Friday, January 13, 2017

Weekly Log 2-Jan to 8-Jan-2017: Back to Work Blues

17 days off is my longest stretch in a long time, likely quite a few years.  Hit a number of my vacation goals, including a 20-mile, a 60+ mileage week (2 in fact!), and got some skiing in. Even replaced the leaky kitchen faucet, although the garage door opener replacement job is only half done, and I have parts and wiring from both the old and new assemblies spread across the floor -yeah, I really should finish that.

Monday:  5
Last day of vacation. Had planned out a 16-miler, but by the time my window of opportunity opened, it was raining and 36 degrees.  Went to SHS instead to explore any options there for a summer event the town rec department would like us to host or co-host there.  Will see how that plays out.  They really have been most gracious and supportive of us thus far by offering us to host Bottone last year and this year with all fees waived, when Westerly declined and Chariho approved but with about $200 of fees.
Anyhow, there's plenty of asphalt, grass fields, and trails there (not to mention a fantastic track!) to put together something pretty interesting.

Tuesday:  6
Road, trail mix through Champlin. Depressed for work restart.  Gets me thinking more about retirement planning.

Wednesday:  6
White Rock / North End loop from the Y.  Post-holiday depression has officially settled in.

Thursday:  0
Sloth-like and unmotivated.

Friday:  6
So excited to see snow falling!  Tried to avoid roads where snowplows were out, so headed down to Misquamicut.

Saturday:  14
This was the first time ever that I had missed the Resolution 5K, and it looked like it would be fun in the snow, but with Matthew having a meet every Saturday until late Feb, I'll miss most races unless the times diverge enough.
I got up to run and it was 18 degrees, so I put a pair of tights on instead of shorts.  I may have been able to get away with the shorts, and there were times when I felt a little too warm, but also felt brisk with the northeast ocean breeze.  Other than the first and last miles, all my miles were sub-7, so felt really good with that.
Sigh.  The end of another holiday
Sunday:  5
Fresh snow!  8 inches of the white stuff.  My torpor is gone, and I'm excited to get out to play.  The unplowed roads beat the plowed, wet roads.  Fun, but exhausting run in the deep snow on the trails in Champlin.
As with manual transmission drivers, us snow-shovelers
are a small and shrinking minority.  Most in my neighborhood either
use a snowblower, or worse, hire someone to plow/shovel while
they remain indoors.

Just a beautiful day to be outside!
Not looking forward to inevitably hearing people
at work complain about the snow, or how they
spent the entire day plopped on the couch watching
football and other TV.

Weekly mileage:  42

Weekly synopsis:  Not the mileage I was looking for, but I knew this week would be a struggle to get the miles in.  Low and depressing points were end of the holidays, end of a long vacation, return to work, and bringing Mark to the airport likely not to be seen again until late April.  The only high point and motivator to me this week was the weekend snowstorm.

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  1. 17 days in a row? Who are you Boumenot? Actually sounds really perfect, enough time decompress and enjoy a true break from work.