Sunday, February 5, 2017

Weekly Log 30-Jan to 5-Feb-2017: OMF Week

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  5
Finally some snow returns!  5 mile afternoon run with Matthew.  Mix of roads and beach.
Running in the falling snow at Westerly Town Beach.

Wednesday:  11
AM:  5 miles.  Taking advantage of the new-fallen snow, albeit only 3", I headed to Bradford Preserve and tried out the new snowshoes.  Last year, I had asked Jonny for advice on snowshoes, and he on his brother Greg's advice, he ran in Atlas running snowshoes.  Sold.  Last month I bought a new pair of Atlas Run Snowshoes, and of course they arrived the day after the last of the snow melted.  Had fun; got more used to them the further into the run I went.  Will really want to try them on packed snow as well as deeper snow.
Should I bring my Yak Trax or new snowshoes?
Let's bring both and figure it out.

With only 3" of snow, didn't really need either,
but a good time to try out the snowshoes.

Beautiful out in the woods

PM:  6 miles.  The snow is melting fast, so I headed to Barn at lunchtime for a run.  There were cross-country ski tracks on the main double-track, but I was making fresh tracks in the single-track.

Thursday:  0
 The snow is gone.  I lost interest in running today.

Friday:  6
Easy-pace road run.  A couple of times when cars went past me, I could actually taste the salt from the road.  That and the exhaust I sucked in gave me a bad taste for the roads.  Got off Watch Hill Road at Avondale Preserve and ran the short trails there, before returning via Shore Road.

Saturday:  6
Old Mountain Field 5K.  See separate write-up.

Sunday:  16
Back to Woody Hill trails.  Had planned on meeting FiveK and Riley (his dog) at 8am, so I got there at 7:30am and ran the Run for the Pumpkins Trail 5K course first.  Met up with those two back at the parking lot at 8am, and somehow FiveK had coaxed Mikey B into coming out on the trails.  Surprising but welcome addition.

Since we ran here as a group just a week ago, I opted to run CCW this time, and add on some different trails including Fern Drive and Wahaneeta trails.  Mikey, the roadie, was getting excited when he saw Fern Drive about to change from dirt to asphalt and thought I was about to indulge him by running on paved roads.  Nada.  Not happening.  Turned from there onto the double-track heading down to the Swamp Bypass Trail.  Finished up with a loop around the Woody Hill pond and over the beaver dam before returning to Bradford Preserve.

Back at the parking lot, 11 miles in, I was still feeling good, so I bid the other three adieu, and went back to hit more hilly and technical trails.  Went on the trail that fords the Perry Healey Brook just down from the beaver dam; first time I had been on that trail in over a year.  So much fun in the Woody, but hunger pangs brought this jaunt to an end.  This is my longest run exclusively in Woody Hill ever.

Weekly mileage:  44

Weekly synopsis:  I knew that this would be a low mileage week, especially going into OMF, so I was for once fine with that.  Really fun week, with highlights being playing in the snow, OMF race, and Woody Hill trail long run.  Next week should be back to a big mileage week.

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  1. Awwww teasing poor Mikey. Glad you got out, not as much as you would like. Hopefully we will get MORE MORE MORE snow so you can try out your new goodies!!!