Saturday, April 15, 2017

Weekly Log 10-Apr to 16-Apr-2017: Marathon Week

Finally, the waiting is nearing an end, as I enter the final week of tapering.  I'm sure it will come, but no nervousness as of yet as I start to draft this at the beginning of the week.  I'm looking forward to it, actually, and looking forward to having it in the rear view mirror.  Planned light week.

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  5
Easy pace from the Y on a warm day when the temps approached 70 degrees.

Wednesday:  5
Easy pace morning run with Tommy and Riley on local roads from my house.

Saddened to learn today that "J. Geils" just died.  Never understood
this album cover, but always loved their music.  I grew up with
the tunes released by this New England band in the early 80s, including
Centerfold, Freeze Frame, and Love Stinks.

Thursday:  0
Went to Rhode Runner to pick up bibs.  T-2.

Friday:  3
Final shake-out run, with Tommy, from my house.  Slowed the pace down to an easy 7:30.  End of training.  Wish I had put in more weekly miles, wish I had shed 5 pounds.  Would've, could've, should've. Time to go.  Pasta dinner, hydration, and early to bed.

Saturday:  26
Newport Rhode Races Marathon.  Race report to follow soon.  Promise.

Sunday:  0

Weekly Mileage:  40

Weekly Running Synopsis:  Most of all, I'm happy the marathon is OVER!!  Although not the prettiest finish, I achieved my goal.  After marathon training since late December, it's now time to move on.  Shorter, fun stuff looms on the horizon, especially trails.  More to come.

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