Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Weekly Log 19-Dec-11 to 25-Dec-11

Monday:  0 (planned rest day)

Tuesday:  10 miles
Very windy this morning, so I stayed away from the ocean.  Ran out Shore Road to Weekapaug.  The farm on Noyes Neck was particularly fragrant running downwind from the cows.  Ran quiet back roads of Weekapaug and then wound my way through neighborhoods of Dunns Corners before returning Links Passage.  Was tempted to run onto the trails at Champlin Glacier Park, but my legs begged me for mercy as they're still sore from Sunday's WTAC romp at Old Mountain Field Trail Race.

Wednesday:  0
Legs still a little sore; took a rest.

Thursday:  6 miles
Christmas lights on beach
First day of winter:  ran in shorts and short sleeve shirt in 53o weather!  Ran Atlantic Ave in Misquamicut in nighttime darkness.  Jumped onto the beach via a rightaway.  It was mostly running in pitch blackness, as most houses here are vacant this time of year.  Was surprised to stumble onto this Christmas display of lights and reindeer (left) as it was ocean side, meaning no one would see it unless they were on the beach at night as I was.  Continued running along the beach, but stumbled over driftwood and ruts that I couldn't see.  Left the beach at Westerly Town Beach to continue running on deserted Atlantic Avenue.

Friday:  7 miles
Ran local roads and into Champlin Glacier Park on trails to prep for tomorrow's group run.  If you're reading this, don't tell my group run partners, as the word is that I don't really run trails (I didn't actually until a couple of months ago, and still mostly roads, but I digress...).  I was running along the green trail when I heard "Hey Jeff" and I looked up to see fellow Misquamicut runner Gianni Ficarra running the trail towards me.  He won his age group at a rainy Run 4 Kerri this August; I had placed 3rd in my age group.  It was the first time I had seen another runner in this park in my nascent experience running here.  I should have been carrying a WTAC membership application and Resolution 5K race application to hand to him!

Saturday:  17 miles
'Twas the morning before Christmas, when all through Westerly,
Not a creature was stirring, expect for runners in a pack of three,
Hats and gloves and long sleeve garb was worn,
In hopes that warmth would be theirs on this cold Christmas Eve morn,
They had no sooner started on their two hour jaunt of fun,
When what to their wondering eyes would appear, but another soul out for a run,
More rapid than eagles the three runners overtook the runner with zeal,
As he was passed the lone runner was impressed by their speed and called them for real:
"On Muddy!  On Bloody!  On Jonny!"  To the top of Chin Hill!  To the top of Ice Pond, y'all!
Now dash away, dash away, dash away all!
So past the hills and onto Misquamicut Beach the runners they flew,
With a lightning fast pace and a recent WTAC win too.
The rising sun shone on the frozen white beach,
And gave a lustre of mid-day to objects within reach.
The runners continued through a light ocean breeze,
When a detour with rope brought Jeff to his knees,
Much like last week's trail run with splattering mud,
The runner's legs again were covered in blood.
Winding through Weekapaug and Dunn's Corners the trio did run,
When next the trails of Champlin Glacier Park awaited them with fun.
Running two miles of trails added to the good mood,
While all Muddy could think of was food.
Over many roots and rocks our trail it did flirt,
When a small branch brought Jonny down to the dirt.
Seventeen miles of hills, beach, and trails made the day right,
And now Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
(With apologies to Clement C. Moore)

Sunday: 0 miles
Christmas Day!  Santa brought new running shoes, shorts, and a bright yellow long sleeve technical shirt for those early dark runs.
Weekly totals:  40 miles

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  1. Great write up for Saturday. Merry Christmas!