Monday, December 26, 2011

Weekly Log 26-Dec-11 to 1-Jan-12

Monday:  9 miles
Ran my favorite 8-mile Misquamicut loop around the salt pond, and tacked on a little extra.  2.5 miles on the beach, the rest on roads.  1st mile 8:08?! - what gives?  That's before I even hit the beach.  8:08 is not going to cut it at upcoming Resolution 5K.  Hit the beach slow and shaky.  My banged up knees were grumbling something about how I would feel better if I were lying on the couch instead.  That's it - time for a pick-me-up to try to shake off this post-Christmas torpor.  Picked up the pace considerably for the final mile on the beach - 6:27 pace - that's more like it!  Ran the next two miles slow over the breachway and through Cove Road area before picking it for another mile, this time on the roads at 6:07 for one mile before a slower finish on Shore Road to home.  Overall 7:11 pace.
Afternoon:  family hike up Lantern Hill.  Reached the top right at sunset - beautiful.  My two boys ran most of the way back - who knows, maybe they'll be trail runners someday.

Tuesday:  16 miles
Bridge on trail to Pawcatuck River
Boardwalk in swamp
And now for something completely different:  the Westerly Town Forest.  I've been a town resident for 9 years, and had never been here.  Ran Canal Street from downtown up to the Town Forest; the road just kept climbing.  Except for a family of three, I had the forest to myself.  Most of the trails were dry, but some muddy spots I had to skirt around.  Made my way down to the Pawcatuck River with a 200' drop in elevation.  At the river, I couldn't see anyone or any glimpse of civilization.  Truly felt like I was out in the forest.  Ran back up the trail climbing from the river and meandered through different trails in the forest to run about 3 miles total.  Tired by the time I got back to the parking lot.  Only one problem:  it's a 6 mile run back to home.  Ran an ugly section of Route 3 to stop at Bess Eaton to get a drink and a quick break, before continuing home on neighborhood roads. 

Wednesday:  11 miles
Ran at CMS, my alma mater.  Ran with Jonny, Muddy, and Boj, a new acquaintance and very fast runner.  Warmed up and warmed down on trails, with a track workout in between:  1x1600 (5:37), 2x800 (2:48, 2:42), 4x400 (75, 76, 76, 74).  Workout felt hard.  Probably wouldn't have been able to do this and get these times without running partners pushing each other.

Thursday:  10 miles
Cold run in Avondale and Watch Hill.  First time this season not running in shorts (running tights).  Ran short trail through fields in Avondale Farm Preserve, where the sun finally warmed me up.  Ran down to the Watch Hill Lighthouse.  Paused to take in the great tri-state view of Fisher's Island, NY, Stonington, CT, and Napatree Point, RI, but the 24o weather and 18 mph wind in my face soon chilled me again, so I tarried not and continued the run.  Jumped onto East Beach, and ran 2 miles of beach back to Misquamicut.  This is the most I've ever run in 4 consecutive days, and my calves and hamstrings are starting to feel it, so tomorrow will be either a 0 mileage day or at least sharply reduced.

Friday:  0
Legs sore after heavy mileage plus skating last night at new Westerly rink.  Took a day off from running; hiked in Champlin Glacier Park with family and visiting relatives instead.

Saturday:  9 miles
Cell phone woke me up.  Looked over and saw it's 5:30AM; maybe my running partners calling me for a 6AM run?  That would be the only thing I'd be happy to get out of bed for after a late night of hosting a holiday party for my extended family.  No such luck - recognized the call as coming from India.  What a way to ruin my sleep and the rest of my morning on a Saturday during my vacation ...
Fast forward to the afternoon.  The cobwebs have cleared, the sun has come out, it's 51 degrees.  A nice steady run on the Weekapaug/Misquamicut loop.  2 1/2 miles on sand; the rest on roads.  Good final run of the old year.

Sunday:  11 miles
Bluff Point State Park w/Muddy.  Started on the trails that comprise the Groton Summer Fun Run series that I ran once this summer, then meandered along the coastline before following a short trail along trail tracks that led to another cove and some fantastic trails through the woods leading us back.  Beautiful clear day for a great 1st run of the new year.

Total weekly mileage:  66 miles!
This is a new PR of sorts, in that it is the most miles I have ever run in a week by far (previously 55 during marathon peak training).  Starting the new year right, I've added a YTD mileage tracker to this blog complemented by a resolution to run 2,000 miles in 2012.  We'll see how that goes throughout the year.  Also signed up for my first two races of the new year (see new 2012 events tab), and am contemplating a spring and fall marathon.


  1. Nice run, Jeff. I love the "Forest". I agree. It is a climb to get there but well worth it!! Wish it was longer with more trails.

  2. Huge week Jeff!! Sorry I missed out on Sunday's run, but the Wednesday workout was a blast. See you at the race Saturday!