Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Weekly Log 2-Jan-12 to 8-Jan-12

Monday:  0 miles
Rest day after highest mileage week ever (66 miles).  Family hike in Barn Island Wildlife Management Area in nearby Wequetequock.

Tuesday:  10 miles
Double workout.
Early morning:  Sad is the day that an 11-day holiday vacation ends, so I tempered this with driving back out to Barn Island and hitting the trails at the crack of dawn.  Likely one of the sites on my next weekend long run choice in 1.5 weeks.  Even with a 25o start, I warmed up quickly, and ran 5 circuitous miles through marshes and woods.  Had the full 900 acres to myself, and got back home before first call-in meeting at 8:30, a benefit of working from home one day per week. 
Later in day:  Warming up to a "balmy" 31o, I hit the WHS track for a repeat of last week's run with Muddy, Jonny, and Boj.  This time was less one 800 because, well, because I really don't like them, OK?  My times were SO much slower than last week, that I'm almost embarrassed to list them here, but I will for transparency:  1x1600 (5:53), 1x800 (2:54), 4x400 (84, 82, 82, 77).  I attribute the slow times to two factors:  1) headwinds of 20+ mph for each returning 1/2 lap, and 2) not having the benefit of my WTAC teammates pushing me this time.  Track speedwork is probably my least favorite form of running, but I'll attempt to give it the "old college try" more frequently this year.

Wednesday:  4 miles
4:30AM alarm goes off.  It's 10o!  I find it very challenging to get out of bed and hit the roads when I all see is dark and all I hear is howling wind, but finally I prevail and get my carcass moving.  By far the coldest run of the year, so I keep it relatively short and close to home so I can bail if needed, but I finish the loop I planned, and feel better for having done so.

Thursday:  0 miles
Exhausted re-adjusting to back to work.  Decided to take a full day off before Saturday race.  Slept the entire two-hour commute to work; guess I needed the sleep.

Friday:  5 miles
Local roads early morning.  Funny how after running last in 10o weather, 30o this morning feels warm, even in shorts.  Excited and nervous about tomorrow's race.  The only other beach race I've ever run is WTAC's Stavros On the Beach race, which I typically do well in, but that's running barefoot in 70o weather on my "home turf".  Not sure what to expect.

Saturday:  9 miles
Resolution 5K Beach & Trail Race.  WTAC takes 1st place again!  Race report to follow shortly.

Sunday:  16 miles
Weekly long run with Jonny and Muddy.  Jonny's choice today had us on a mix of roads and trails in Charlestown and Richmond, starting from Wood River Junction and running a few miles on roads before running through fields along electric lines and gradually entering trails part of the Carter Preserve.  Neat trails; I had never been in here before or even heard of the Carter Preserve.  Fell twice and bloodied my knees for a 3rd time in as many weeks, although this time was by far the most minor.  I'd like to blame my teammates as it always seems to occur in their presence, but I think the reality is I'm just a klutz.  Exited the trails onto a small section of Route 112 before winding into Shannock.  The rest of the run was a walk (or run) down memory lane for me, as it encompassed many of the areas I grew up in since I moved to Richmond at age 12.  We went through Shannock where stores, the Shannock Spa, and the train stop of my youth are all long defunct now, and then ran up North Road to Shannock Hill Road.  Running up Shannock Hill, I joked to Jonny that he should carry the conversation now, and he actually did with ease as he was clearly the strongest running up the hill.  We ran onto Pine Hill Road and then took a trail in the woods near or in the Carolina Management Area.  During high school, when I went into these trails, it was usually for less wholesome reasons.  This was a great trail run that led us all the way back to Wood River Junction.  Fun run!

Weekly mileage:  44 miles
While the previous week's mileage was a record 66 for me, I consider that an anomaly due to having the whole holiday week off and super weather.  I'm thrilled to hit 40+ miles for my first full week of the new year, especially just going back to work.  Hope I can keep it up.

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