Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weekly Log 23-Jan-12 to 29-Jan-12

Monday:  0
Planned rest day

Tuesday:  8 miles
48o and heavy mist.  I could hear one of my favorite natural sounds, the surf pounding, as soon as I stepped out my door at 4:30AM.  Ran deserted Misquamicut pond loop mostly near the middle of the road.  New Weekapaug Bridge had these neat globe-like lights that I could see for a distance in the dark.  It was the ascent to the lofty 10' elevation to the bridge that was the challenge, and I could see discarded oxygen tanks scattered from previous failed expeditions, but I mustered up the strength and scaled it with alacrity.  Atlantic Ave was flooded in a couple of places from last night's rain and melting snow.  Reminded me of last year's Clamdigger, minus that day's brutal wind.  I crossed the Clamdigger finish line in 1st place today (no, technically there were no other runners on the course, but this was my moment) and the crowd in my mind cheered me on.  Good pensive run - it felt like a runner's high.  7:32/mile.

Wednesday:  9 miles
35o and sunny run at sunrise.  Run on flat and empty Atlantic Ave, including 2x1 mile intervals.  Had contemplating hitting the track, but just couldn't muster up any enthusiasm for running in circles.  Ran Mile 2 @ 5:42 and Mile 4 @ 5:40.   Looked back at when I ran the same thing in December and the times were 5:54 and 5:58, so I'm very happy with today's times.  Left the road at Weekapaug Breachway, and ran on the beach 2.5 miles back to Misquamicut, where I exited at the state beach and ran home.

Thursday:  0
Feeling sore and stiff in the shin and calf area yesterday and this morning.  Not sure if it's the 2 interval miles from yesterday, or all the high mileage catching up with me, but decided to give the old bag of bones a day off today, and see if that helps.  Will try to reduce mileage next week going into Super 5K.

Friday:  6 miles
Went to local running store (Kelley's Pace) and bought my first ever trail shoes (photo at left).  Tried on a few pairs, decided on a pair of NB with lugs in the sole.  Rained all day today, and went out to the local trails (Champlin) in the late afternoon rain (conditions I would usually stay away from trails).  Didn't like running in the new shoes on the road as it felt like I was wearing soccer cleats or something, but enjoyed them on the trails and felt like I had a much better grip.  Ran my favorite trail (green) twice, otherwise, looped through the park.  Tried to slide on the muddier sections, but couldn't.  Ran a path down to Winnapaug Pond where there was lots of mud at shore edge where I was able to get the shoes to slide there!  Got home and ran in the soaking wet lawn where I would usually get my feet wet in my regular road shoes, but didn't here.  3.5 miles trails; balance roads.
Still feeling soreness in the shins; I'm thinking a slow long run early tomorrow and then avoiding the hills and speedwork next 2 weeks until after Super 5K and Brrr-lingame 15K.

Saturday:  11 miles
Early morning 5-mile run in Westerly.  1 mile on beach, balance on neighborhood roads.
Afternoon 6-mile run from Cape Cod YMCA, through Cape Cod Community College grounds, and quiet neighborhoods down to a pond back.  Very slow (8 min pace) and easy flat miles both runs; trying to mitigate this shin issue.

Sunday:  0
Shin splints continue.  I'm going to take the next 2-3 days off completely from running, and see if that re-energizes me.

Weekly mileage:  34 miles
Lower than I'd like, but more important to get the legs back up to speed.

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