Monday, February 6, 2012

Super 5K

Super happy on this Super 5K with both my results and the results of our team
Me:  18:00 flat (5:48 average pace).  13th overall; 3rd in age group.
WTAC:  1st place!
After signing in and registering for team, I warmed up with my son for a bit and came back and caught up with a number of runners.  Talked with Dave Schaad, who told me he was now in the 50-59 division, so I told him good, that was one less runner ahead of me in my age group.  Turned out I finished ahead of him anyway.

Mile 1:  Lined up in about 3rd row with my son and Jeff V.  Felt cold standing around, but was fine once we talk off as the sun was out and temps in upper 30s.  I took off fast, and caught up with Jonny at about 1/2 mile.  He had the energy to say hello, I think I had the energy only to grunt something back that was unintelligible and mono-syllabic.  Settled in behind Muddy, but that didn't last long, as by Mile 1 he was 4 places ahead of me and continued to put more and more distance ahead for the remainder of the race.  Ran the first mile in 5:37!  Don't know if that was smart or foolish.  Always open to advice.
Mile 2:  Out to the turnaround and back.  This is the point of the course where you see where you and everyone else stand position-wise and I knew I was running hard, because I usually say "hi", "good job", "etc." to runners I know, but I couldn't muster to say anything to anyone.  The only one I made sure to acknowledge for their efforts was my son, but even then flashing a thumbs-up was the best I could do.  Crossed Mile 2 in 5:51.  Awesome - Mile 2 is almost always my slowest in a 5K, and I finished that one sub-6 also.
Mile 3 & finish:  Back on Ocean Road, I was fatiguing, but just tried hard to keep the pace.  Knew runners were close behind me, but I didn't know how close or how many.  Crossed Mile 3 in 5:48, and just at that point, a turtle flew past me.  Tried initially to chase him, but he was really moving.  I think he may have been planning that move.  Just ran as fast I could on last 1/10, pace 5:27.  I first saw the clock at 17:53 and thought I had plenty of time to get under 18, but it's so deceiving!  Finished in 18 flat.  Actually, I'm thrilled with that.  My 3rd fastest 5K ever.  I looked back at past Super 5Ks and found I've run all but one of the 8 years, my fastest until this year was an 18:23 and I had never before placed in my age group until this year.
Huge win for the team!  Tom led the way for WTAC, Muddy behind him with yet another PR!, Jonny just behind me at 18:18, and Jeff V clinched it for the team with his 18:58 finish.  We had a good turnout with a number of other runners as well.  My son was disappointed with his finish, but I told him the season was early and track starting up next month would ensure he got more training.

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