Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weekly Log 6-Feb-12 to 12-Feb-12

Monday:  0
Planned rest day.  Shin splints returned with dull pain climbing stairs, but I know I can work through it with a couple of rest days.

Tuesday:  0

Wednesday:  8 miles
Fun trail run in Burlingame with Mike and Muddy.  Ran Sunday's course, with a few faster pace pick-ups in between.  Legs felt great.  Ran through mud with confidence in new trail shoes.  Just slippery on the boardwalk; that will probably play into Sunday's experience, as it's supposed to be cold and maybe even a little snow or ice left over from Saturday.  Muddy and I ran a few cooldown miles after Mike had to leave.

Thursday:  3 miles
Expedited 4:30AM romp through Misquamicut, as I had to leave for work by 5:15 today.  Fun on a couple of sections where snow had covered the road from last night's flurries, but most roads were just wet.

Friday:  8 miles
Great run:  2.5 trails, balance roads.  Ran the hills of Moonlight, then guess who found a new trail?!  Passed Lewis Pond Preserve, and said what are those white trail markers?  Never saw them before, may have been freshly painted.  Ran the trail, only about 1/2 mile, but nice diversion.  Finished the run with some gazellin' in Champlin.  Ran a downhill stretch when I saw a kid just ahead of me and his father called "watch out!".  The kid's in the middle of the trail, the gazelle brakes aren't working, off trail jump through a bush here we go.  Went past the kid and his father; hope they're not thinking what a jerk this runner this.  Fast forward 2 hours later picking up pizza:  Kevin Kelliher is with his son Connor and says "Jeff, that's the 2nd time we saw you today".  I'm thinking I haven't seen you in months since Fun Run days, until he starts talking about Champlin this afternoon.  I feel so small, and start apologizing.  He's cool with it and said I was just in my own world as I was flying through the trails.  Whew!

Saturday:  7 miles
Old Mountain Field, SK.  5 miles trails, 2 roads.  Ran from South County Y through the trails to Old Mountain Field, then ran the course from Old Mountain Field 5K.  Actually took me 4.5 miles to run the course because I took multiple wrong turns, but no matter, was having fun.  Found and picked up a course marker for Mike G.  Saw where I had gone off course to ford the brook and briars; it was so obvious in hindsight to see where I went off the trail.  Finished the course and was surprised and disappointed that Mike didn't have hot chocolate waiting for me.  He's probably off marking the course for tomorrow's Brrr-lingame; otherwise I'm sure he'd have the hot chocolate set up.  Finished up with running part of the bike course, plus some nostalgia of running past where I went to kindergarten (Stepping Stones) and grades 5-6 (Hazard School, which apparently is a pre-school now).  Good fun run in the light snow and mud.  Didn't use the new YakTrax, as there really wasn't much snow or ice here.

Sunday:  11 miles
Brrr-lingame 15K.  I am totally spent, slightly injured, and hobbling around the house this evening, but man, did I have fun today!  Another WTAC win!  Race write-up to follow shortly.

Weekly mileage:  37
Another relatively low mileage week (it's all relative, this would have been a very mileage week same time a year ago), but I know I need those from time to time.  Hope to get back to long runs with some of my WTAC teammates, but either way should be ramping up the mileage as we have a 3-day holiday weekend coming up.

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  1. Got a good laugh out of Friday's run! See you Sunday.