Thursday, September 27, 2012

Weekly Log 24-Sep to 30-Sep-2012

Monday:  0.  Summer's over; time for a blog refresh.  The tri photos and swim/bike logs are gone 'til next year, and replaced with three photos from running events last fall.  Who can identify the 3 races first?  (The first two are "gifts".)

Tuesday:  Double zero.  Intentionally trying to run few miles mid-week prior to Sunday's monster trail fest.

Wednesday:  7 miles.  The Friday 445 club switched to a Wed edition this week.  Tom led me on virgin roads for me, somewhere off Cove Road, saw the pond so often on turns I was afraid there was going to be a swim portion to his route today.  I'll have to upload the Garmin route to figure it out.  Neat section running on Fenway Beach in the pitch dark.  65 degrees and sprinkling rain.  6:53 pace.
Garmin route of run with Tom in the dark:
now I can see where we actually were!
Thursday:  another zero.  Intentionally taking it light.

Friday:  5 easy morning run.  Exploring in Wahaneeta and lower Woody Hill.  I think I'll try to map this place out with distances and landmarks, as this is still a maze to me.  Mix of dirt, sand, and rock trails.  1/2 mile tarmac, the rest trails.
Today's run and start of my trail mapping
Afternoon:  Stood in the rain for 3 hours watching Ocean State Invitational XC meet.  Fortunately, it was worth it as for his race (7th grade boys), he came in 13th out of 198, 1st for Westerly, with a 6:13 pace.  Results.

Morning:  Watched Mike B run his way to victory in the St. Michael's 5k.  There were a few WTAC singlets out there today!  Other WTAC'ers are off to NH - Muddy running DeMar and I think Josh running Smuttynose - will have to check that out next year.

Afternoon:  4 very easy miles on Tom Harvey loop in drizzling rain. 
Nipmuck in the morning:  Put out tomorrow's run gear, including a complete change of dry clothes, 3 GU packets, energy bar, waist pack/bottle, Gatorade and water.  Ready to go ...

27 miles, including short warm-up.  Nipmuck Trail Marathon.  I survived!  See separate write-up.
Weekly total:  43 miles


  1. Tarzan Brown. Lil rhody. Christmas 10K.

    1. You rock, Muddy! I'll try to make it harder next blog refresh. Good luck in your marathon Sunday!

  2. Like the fall look, and the "monster trail fest" comment...I see a bit of mud in our forecast :)

  3. I'll see you on Sunday. Based on current forcasts I anticipate a dicey affair. I'm excited and nervous in about equal amounts.

    1. Seth, Mike, see the pre-race e-mail sent out late last night with good info. Sounds like the trails are MUDDY, and that the three of us will have a "High Fall Risk" sticker attached to our bibs - encouraging, eh? I'll be driving up Sunday; let me know if either want to carpool as suggested in e-mail.