Sunday, January 6, 2013

Resolution 5K Beach & Trail Race

Resolution 5K - Sunday, January 6, 2013

Full results.

This race was the second installment of this year's series.  We arrived at 7:30AM to help RD Mike G in any way.  It had snowed earlier in the morning, leaving a mix of snow and slush in 33 degree weather as we arrived at Scarborough.
Team WTAC freezing before start

Went out for a leisurely warm-up of the course with many of the usual WTAC suspects, including Muddy, Jonny, Seth, and Tom.  The beach surface was fine, but the middle section of a 1-mile trail was snow covered and a little slick in spots, which would make for a little slower going here.
WTAC introverts Tom, Jeff, Jonny, and Justin:
we don't talk to or look at each other; we just all
stare at our watches

Justin and Jonny out front while I am trying to desperately
to hang with David Principe Sr
Mile 1:  By the time the race started, I was cold again in shorts in the wind.  The first half mile was into the wind to a turn around at the south end of the beach.  WTAC was up there with Tom, Justin, and Jonny just footsteps ahead of me at the turn around.  Unfortunately, just after the turn around I got passed by David Principe Sr (my TNT rival that I just edged out at Old Mountain), Martin Tighe (another TNT rival; battled and got beaten at the finish of Christmas 10K), and a tall runner.  The four of us would be close together for the rest of the race.  Finished 1 mile in 6:01, my fastest split likely owing to the only full mile on the beach.

I'm on far left battling Martin Tighe (middle) and tall guy (right)
Mile 2:  Early in the 2nd mile, we leave the beach with a short path through the dunes and out to Ocean Road.  From here until we re-joined the beach past Mile 2.5, the surface was snow-packed.  The tall guy led us out to Ocean Road, followed by David Principe, me, and Martin Tighe.  Just before leaving the road and back onto Black Point trails, I made my bold move and surged and passed David Principe.  I know he's a very fast road runner (2:42 at last year's Gansett Marathon!!), but I was hoping to hold my own on the trail portion.  Didn't work; I heard breathing right behind me the whole time and he passed me a little way before going through the stone house ruins.
Final strides before race finish

Mile 3 and finish:  Emerged through the ruins with David Principe and the tall guy in sight as I jumped the small stream onto the beach.  At this point, I could see my WTAC teammates Tom and Jonny battling it out a little further ahead.  I pushed it and caught up aside David Principe, and unfortunately he had another gear left in him, as he sped up to the finish and battled with the tall guy for 6th place.
Congrats to Justin for an awesome 2nd place finish at 18:27!  Tom was 4th in 19:03, Jonny 5th in 19:04, and I ended up in 8th, 13 seconds behind Jonny in 19:17.  Not thrilled overall with my finishing place, but that leaves room to work on for next time.  Seth, Josh, Mark, and Matthew followed up in seemingly 1-minute intervals next, and the rest of the WTAC gang followed behind.  Congrats also to Kelsey on overall female win, and to Matthew for age group winner.

Next race in 3 weeks at Belleville Pond 10K.  More photos at WTAC web site.


  1. Another thrilling WTAC team battle! Good job to you and your kids - I loved the photos of them out sprinting adults to the finish line.

  2. Great job to all the Walkers! And thanks to Jana for taking some great pictures.

  3. Even though you were not happy with your overall finish at the Resolution 5k, you ran tough. Keep doing your thing and good things will come.