Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weekly Log 28-Jan to 3-Feb-2013

Monday:  0
Rest day after Belleville 10K.

Tuesday:  3
Got home from work, and Matthew wanted to run with me.  Not gonna pass that one up!  More often than not when I ask my 13-year old to run with me the response is some version of "I don't want to be seen with you."  While he didn't approve of my bright yellow shirt for nighttime visibility ("You're not going to be wearing those dorky clothes, are you?"), everything else went great.  On our short run, we discussed upcoming runs, our blogs, goals, strategies, etc.  He wants to run Blessing again, and even shoot for the Surftown Half this year!  We finished the run, and he said, "Let me check my GPS and see how we did.  Oh, that's right, I don't have a GPS".  Nice hint, real subtle!

Wednesday:  10
Ran down to the fun run course area to do some speedwork.  Ran 3x1 mile splits from fun run area near St Clare Church out to Ocean View Highway, 3-4 minute rest in between:  5:43, 5:50, 5:55.  Can't blame it on the cold (40 degrees!) or wind (negligible) today - the fact is I'm going to have my work cut out for me on Sunday, and I can't see sustaining any one of those paces for 5K at the moment.  Hopefully that race day effect will kick in.  Jogged it down Ocean View Highway, and then ran the beach back.  High tide + soft sand = tough running.

Thursday:  4+
Another evening run with Matthew.  It was 40 degrees, but wind was whipping at 25+ mph.  Wound through Chin Hill neighborhood, and then No Bottom Pond.  He was a trouper heading into the wind on Watch Hill Road, and then up the 95' hill in No Botton Pond.

Friday:  8+

 Trail and exploring run with Tom.  We started from a new spot today, Bradford Preserve.  WLT advised me parking is available to the public there and they will be putting in a parking lot in March.  Entered Woody Hill from the north, and tried exploring a lot of different trails.  Most didn't pan out as they dead-ended or got really sketchy, but we did find one neat single-track on the trail down to the marsh.  At one point the trail came right up to and around a rock cliff.  Fun times as always.
Note to self:  don't try running new trails in the dark;
they might be covered in briars

Saturday:  5
Big group run 6:30AM on DuVal trails with Muddy, Sandals, Galoob, Jonny, Seth, and the Fullers.  Couldn't get Crutchley out of bed to join us.  19- actually considered wearing tights, but I think upper teens is still shorts weather (isn't it?) so I went for it and felt fine.  Pulled into Perryville cemetery lot and Muddy pointed out the coincidence of the song from my car radio, Van Halen's "Runnin' with the Devil", while Jonny called me a 70's child.  Just Googled it, and found VH put the song out in 1978.  Wow, that song came out when I was in high school - seemed like just yesterday - where does the time go?  While Googling "Running with the Devil", also found it's the name of a marathon, 1/2, and 50-miler in the Mohave Desert, as well as a 3, 6, and 12 hour trail series challenge in NJ.

Oh, yeah, back to the run:  since most of us are running Super 5K tomorrow, we ran über-short (I just like to say über) and at a rather slow pace.  Run went by too fast; looking forward to tomorrow.

Sunday:  8
Super 5K.  See separate write-up coming your way Monday afternoon.
Weekly total:  38
January total:  198

Week wrap-up:  Just another week livin' the running dream.  Highlights included proselytizing Matthew out to drink the Kool-Aid not once, but twice, trail run with Tom, group run however short, and of course, the Super 5K WTAC romp. 
Week ahead:  Fill in the gaps on marathon build-up long runs and races over the next three months (priority of long runs over races), and figure out how to incorporate speedwork as a weekly regular instead of the current hit-or-miss.  While I'm very happy with my time at Super 5K, I'll be looking to lower it from there before the summer heat knocks me down.   Rock on, friends.


  1. Love the GPS comment by Matthew, and very cool that he wants to run Surftown!

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