Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weekly Log 11-Feb to 17-Feb-2013

Monday:  3
Still sore from the Brrr-lingame Snowy Sufferfest.  Took Mark to the Mystic Y for a swim workout (Westerly Y pool closed this week as electrical system destroyed in blizzard), and while we were there, it was easier to go for run rather than drive home and back.  Matthew accompanied and we ran out onto Enders Island where the traffic was a little quieter.  Slow slushy run.

Tuesday:  0
Rest day.  Started strategizing on Boston prep runs (3 more 20's and a 23?) and also 2013 races over the next six months or so (see my new "2013 Races" tab).

Wednesday:  9
Had to bring my car in for oil change and state inspection, and took a page out of Seth's and Mike C's book by showing up in running clothes, and dropped my car and ran home.  Crossing four lanes of traffic on Route 1 with snowbanks on shoulders was a trip, and not in a good way.  Fortunately only 1/4 mile or so.
Remember the old video game "Frogger" where you try to negotiate frogs
across lanes of busy highway traffic?  That was me running across
Route 1 this morning.  You can play it here.  Maybe old guys like
Mike B will remember it.
28 degrees.  Cut through Mastuxet and Rotary Park.  Trails not negotiable with bowed over trees.  Tried to run in Champlin, but just torture through snow crust, chunks of ice, and footprints frozen solid.  Back on to the roads.  I hit Links Passage in full sun - nice and warm.  Worked through the hills of Urso and Moonlight.  Was working up a sweat and getting thirsty as I ran past Tom's parents' home.  I had expected them to have a water stop set up for me; made a mental note to talk to Tom about that.  What a beautiful morning for a run.  Getting into trails didn't work, but still very picturesque running the roads with all the snow and snowbanks.

Thursday:  0
Disappointed with myself for being a lazy slouch and not getting out of bed to run.

Friday:  6+
45 degree afternoon run.  Broke out the short sleeve and short shorts running gear.  What a day!  Headed out towards Watch Hill with Mike C and FiveK.  We were talking it up and having a good time through Avondale, but on the way back I could see Tom near wincing in pain, and he even had to stop for a while.  Not good at all.  Hopefully his calf issues going away with some R&R.

Saturday:  20!
Today's form of pain consisted of a 20-miler at 6AM.  Fortunately, Mike G, Jonny, and Muddy joined with me to share the fun.  Went out from my house towards Weekapaug, with a unexpected momentary hard stop about 5 miles in when Muddy and I both planted our legs in a snowbank and sank waist deep.  Ran along the coast from Weekapaug then through war-torn Misquamicut and then a brief break on Ocean View Highway for hidden snacks and water.  Restarting from this, our only true stop, was really tough to get going again (about mile 12 by now). 
Wound our way down to Watch Hill Lighthouse, where it was snowing by then.  My legs felt every hill.  Wound back through Avondale, where we really picked up the pace (thanks Mike!), and the last 5 miles were all sub-7 pace.  I had one final "present" in store for the guys:  a 100+ climb up Chin Hill in the final two miles.  After some groaning, but we got through it.  Mile 19 was 6:39, and Mile 20 was a blazing 6:17!  What a way to finish up.  It's tough running 20 miles on roads anytime, but easier with running friends and good laughs and conversation.
Afternoon:  1 mile jog in Wilcox Park with Matthew.  Painful.

Sunday:  5+
2" new snow.  19 degrees and 25 mph wind.  Between the snow-covered streets and trail, wind, and legs very much feeling yesterday's monster run, I kept it short and slow.
Running the trail down to Winnapaug Pond was slow going:
sometimes I'd sink 2" in snow, sometimes a foot
Snowy Winnapaug Pond from the trail this morning, and
the Pyramids of Giza Misquamicut in the background

Weekly total:  44

Week wrap-up:  High point was certainly the monster group run on Saturday.  Although tough and leg-burning, it was a great prep for Boston and other runs.  Wish I had gotten more miles in elsewhere in the week, but the week ahead gives me good chances with the holiday and a few days off.


  1. The YOUGER runners won’t remember Frogger, but we ageing runners do - LOL

  2. Are you kidding? I ruled at Frogger, Joust, Galaga, etc...I even have an iCade, an arcade-design stand for the iPad, with a joystick and buttons...connects with Bluetooth. Awesome.

  3. I dominated Frogger and I wasn't to shabby at Joust either. You old goats wouldn't have been able to hang with "The Kid".

    1. -Sincerely, the Old Goats

  4. Spoke to my time the mid-run rest stop will be well stocked!!