Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weekly Log 4-Feb to 10-Feb-2013

Monday:  0
Sloth Monday.

Tuesday:  5
Ran at dusk in Champlin in lightly falling snow.  Normally I dislike wearing my trail shoes on any road portion, but with the roads covered in snow, it was fine.  It got dark while I was in Champlin, but something about the white snow-covered paths helped the visibility a bit.

Wednesday:  13+
With a 1/2 marathon road race next month and Boston the month after that, I want to start to sprinkle in some medium runs midweek and more long runs on weekends or whenever they fit.  Tested my fitness today by running essentially a half-marathon.
28 degrees.  Ran down into Bousquet territory and past the Weekapaug Inn.  Secondary roads were still coated with snow, but not slippery, from last night's dusting.  Ran through the "war zone" of Misquamicut with pyramids of sand, pyramids of debris, and various bulldozers and excavation and demolition machines at work.  Onto Ocean View Highway and a slight breeze along the water, followed by my slowest mile (6:52) on the 50' climb up Browning Hill.  Picked up the pace a tad on Watch Hill Road and Shore Road to home.  Felt really good running today!  [1:28:24, average pace 6:41]

Thursday:  4
Solo edition of 445 Club.  Clear, calm, 21 degrees.  Tom Harvey to Shore loop.  No one else out there in shorts today.  Did see one person walking.  Gazed frequently skyward to the bright starry canvas this morning.

Friday:  13+
"Mid" morning run trail run with Muddy and Fivek.  6:30AM start from Bradford School.  We were able to get a later start today as schools are closed due to impending snowstorm.  Would early morning run mean 4:45AM, or since 4:45AM is a normal run start time on Fridays, would "early" have to mean earlier than 4:45?
Atop "Big Hill" in Grills.  Today was Orange Hat Day.
Anyway, we went into Grills and took the long perimeter path around (blue to yellow to Big Hill, wandered around, orange back).  After a few miles in Grills, we headed over to Woody Hill Management Area, but just before entering Woody Hill itself, we ran up the steep hill on Woody Hill Road.  Muddy was so happy with my choice that he had really special words that he used for me, and then spelled them just to make sure I got his sentiment.
New trail Tom and I found last week exploring in Woody Hill.  The trail
comes right along the edge of the top of this boulder where pictured.
Wandered through the eastern side of Woody Hill, past the marsh where it was snowing pretty good by this point, down to the south gate and back.  Opted to take the single-track over to Quarry Road, but first had to get up an over a by now slippery rock outcropping.  Let's just say the "aging gazelle" held this own and was pretty nimble through here.

Afternoon:  Good bonding and learning opportunity for me as I went with Mark to the Y for a swim workout.  We swam for an hour (actually, Mark swam for an hour, and Dad swam for < 1/2 hour and then went to the sauna!).  Humbling how fast Mark swims by me.  Swam 600 yards only; really tiring for me - good thing tri season is still 4 months away.  Asked Mark for pointers on what I was doing wrong.  He was kind, but you could tell it was more like "where do I begin?" or "how much time do you have?".

Saturday: 3
Spent six hours outside today in the aftermath of the blizzard, shoveling, making a snowman, and going for a run.  My teenage boy came out for 20 minutes, then asked if he could go in because "there's nothing to do"!

Charlie's Overlook in Champlin Park today
Tough running the trails with so much snow and many
branches went over from weight of snow

Remember my Yak-Trax broke at Belleville?  Jerry-rigged them using a needle-nose plier and vice-grips, and off we go.  Running on the plowed but snow covered roads was just fine, but running the trails in foot and a half snow was exhausting.  Ran for only 1/2 mile in Champlin, then gave up.  Following the footprints of some snow-shoers was a little better than making fresh tracks, but still just so slow and tiring.

End of my driveway:  is this Westerly or Alaska?
I had trouble throwing the snow any higher.
snow drifted - anywhere from 9" to 30" - best guess 20"?
Afternoon fun - we had trouble getting the frozen snow to stick, and ended
up filling up a garbage can with snow to make the head!  He's about 7' tall.
Sunday:  5
Brrr-lingame race.  Separate entry to follow shortly.

Weekly total:  43

Week highlights:

  • Two half-marathons, one of which was a cool trail run.
  • Getting back into the pool, and the realization that tri season is only four months away.  Doesn't look like it outside!
  • A good ole fashioned New England snowstorm.  Love it!
  • Fun but zany and brutal Brrr-lingame race in a foot and a half of snow.  I am sore!

Next week, I need to figure out how to get at least one long run in during the holiday weekend, and at least one to be partially at MP.  Beyond that, mixing in fun excursions and a modicum of speedwork where they fit.

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