Monday, March 11, 2013

Ocean's Run Half Marathon

Sunday, March 10, 2013
South Kingstown, RI

1:21:50, 6:15 pace.  7th overall (of 370), 3rd in age group.  Full results here.

My first time running this race.  Previously it had always clashed with a Misquamicut triathlon in September, which I couldn't pass up in my "backyard".  I was told this race was in danger of being canceled, so hopefully the move to March will bode well for the race.

Just one day earlier, I was limping around the house with a minor sprained foot, and unsure if I could make the race.  I iced and rested the foot a lot, and while not 100%, the foot was so much better by Sunday morning and back to at least walking normal that I decided to go for it.

Race-day pic of foot:  Yes, I ran on this ugly thing!
Swelling down, but still any normal bone structure
covered by this mildly painful reddish-purplish swollen contusion

Went for a 2-mile course warm-up with Mike G, Muddy, and Seth.  Any illusions of a warm sunny day in the 40s were soon replaced by the reality of a light breeze, overcast and somewhat raw just above freezing.  Back and forth over what to wear, I ended up with shorts, a short sleeve t-shirt, and gloves, and I made my way to the starting line.

Miles 1-3:  By the time we left the beach parking lot, I had settled into a position that wouldn't change much over the 13.1 miles.  For the first mile, I watched Mike G increase his front-runner lead, and then there was a pack of about 8 including Muddy.  There was a small loop turnaround at mile 1, and then you got to see the whole pack coming back at you - pretty cool to see runners you recognize and call out to you.  At this point, Muddy's pack started to dissipate and I picked off the trailing runner.  Mile 2 was a cone turn-around, which I usually dislike, but it was early enough in the race that it was fine.  Saw Mike G and Muddy for the last time, and then Seth just behind me, and the other 300+ runners.  Back past the beach parking lot at Mile 3, I was happy to see Tom and Dave cheering me on (they were both running the 5K, where Tom would take 2nd).

Miles 4-8:  This stretch I was mostly running with the wind, and I warmed up quickly.  I saw the same two 20-something guys in front of me for 5 miles.  The only person to pass me during the race did so just when turning into Green Hill Road.  Right at mile 8 was the biggest "hill" on the course, but at a 50-foot climb it seemed like nothing after recent monster hill runs, and it was here that I passed the 20-something guys.

Miles 9-finish:  Leaving Green Hill neighborhoods, the course wound back onto itself.  I saw Mike C and then sensed I had put some distance on the two guys as I no longer heard their footsteps, until ...
At the turn onto Moonstone Beach Road, I heard footsteps again and glanced back at the turn to see the same two guys again.  Noooooo!  My first instinct was to maintain pace or even slow slightly and let them pass, as they weren't in my age group anyway.  Fortunately, my second instinct was to fight and that won out over my earlier pansy thoughts.  1.5 miles to go as I picked up the pace slightly.  Uncomfortable and cold now into the wind.  I heard the loud speaker and thought I was at the turn, but it kept eluding me.  Finally turned off the road onto the last 0.1 mile field crossing.  Now learned the two kids were sprinting after and hunting the aging gazelle.  Sorry, boys, not happening today, as I was able to hold them off en route to a PR by 40 seconds!  Yes!

Caught up with the guys (Mike G 1st place, Muddy 3rd, Seth 11th), and did a 4+ mile cooldown with them, as well as Tom and one of the two 20-somethings, to retrieve Mike G's hat at an aid station.  We all warmed up going with the wind, and Mike and I left our jackets at a separate aid station on the way.  We picked up his hat and chowed on some of the food at the station (very well stocked with oranges, pretzels, animal crackers, etc - I had no idea during the race).  On the way back, Mike ran right past his jacket until I yelled to him to retrieve that, which he did, but apparently managed to leave his gloves somewhere.  Mike may be a talented runner, but I was perversely happy to see there's someone as scatter-brained as me.  Got my age group prize at awards ceremony, which was a neat medal, PLUS $100 towards any future Tri-Mom races.  Sweet!


  1. Awesome job out there, especially with the messed up foot. Thanks for the ride home!

  2. Can't keep the Gazelle down when he goes into youth hunting beast-mode! For an herbivore, he's vicious! Great job on the PR!

  3. Great run yesterday, and on a bum foot! Very impressive, Jeff, and congrats on the PR! Next stop, Big River...

  4. Wish I could have run this one with you. Congrats on the PR!