Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weekly Log 4-Mar to 10-Mar-2013

Monday:  4
I don't typically run on Mondays, let alone the day after a marathon, but wanted to try to shake out the legs a little.  Easy paced run through Misquamicut, including a short distance on the beach.

Tuesday:  4
Mews celebratory run with Muddy, FiveK, Galoob, and Jonny.  Mike started us out right away with a diet of hills (apparently we didn't get enough on the Sea to Summit two days prior?) which reminded me that my legs were still a tad sore, although the subsequent part on the DAR Trail was quite enjoyable.  Post run Mike C joined us for celebrating our Super 5K team victory with good food, drink, and conversation.  Based on the number of dinners Mike G ate at the Mews, it is apparent that either Becky doesn't feed him at home or he doesn't get lunch breaks at Stedman's.

Wednesday:  6
Nasty wind with a light rain.  Started out running through Chin Hill neighborhoods, then escaped the wind by running the trails in Mastuxet and Champlin.  The Westerly Land Trust crew had just cleaned up Mastuxet of large trees from the blizzard, so it was a welcome change not to have to crawl under trees.

Thursday:  8
Strong winds with light snow.  Decided to totally pass on a run today, and take a double tomorrow, UNTIL ...
Last mile on roads felt like this:  uphill into
driving snow, sleet, and wind.  Reminded me of
Yukon Cornelius saying this weather is
"fit for neither man nor beast".
On my commute home, got a text from my local partner in crime (Tom) that he was headed out for a run, and did I want to join him?  Got home, changed, and off we went:  4 miles on Misquamicut roads down to the beach.  We were really pushing it, and both surprised to see only about 6:30/pace - must have been the wind effect.  Next jumped into Champlin trails for 3 miles; what a welcome relief from the wind.  Pitch dark by the time we finished and I ran the one mile on roads home.

Friday:  11
Morning:  Pafford Woods - 4 miles.  Woke up to fresh snow on the ground and still snowing.  Already planned to run with Tom late afternoon, but was itching to get out there, and not on roads with sanders and plows (although kudos to Jana for running 3 miles on snowy roads this AM).  Was downtown for errands already, so went to try something different and close-by just over the CT border in Stonington.

New territory for me
Peaceful, virgin snow covered trails.  Small parcel (62 acres), but fun.
Afternoon:  7-mile run with Tom in Wahaneeta and Woody Hill.  Many trees down from the blizzard, but no where near as bad as from Sanday.  We're scheming to get back in there for a work party to clear some of the trails in Woody Hill that likely no one ever traverses except us.  Wet and snowy, but at least out of the wind on the trails.  The Swamp Trail was especially wet and muddy today; very hard to follow.  Took a fall on a bad landing jumping a stream on the way back to Wahaneeta.  Didn't bother me at the time, but at night now it's swollen with a little pain.  Icing it and hoping it will be better by Sunday.

Saturday:  0
Woke up to a purplish swollen painful foot.  Hobbling around today; not sure if a 1/2 marathon is still in the cards for tomorrow.  Let's see what a day of RICE can do.

Sunday:  19
Ocean's Run Half Marathon, including warm-up and cool-down.  Separate write-up to follow Monday morning.

Weekly total:  52

Week in review:  A great week overall.  Another 50+ mileage week, a really good race in the 1/2 marathon and Boston tune-up, fun running trails this week in what was likely the last snow of the season, and a fun group get-together at Mews.  The low point is obvious: injured foot with likely sprained ligaments; funny how an easy misstep on a trail run can set you back.
Up next:  two weeks of targeted big mileage with 20 mile weekend long runs, and then start to taper for Boston.


  1. Gah! Hope your foot mends quickly!

  2. Super sucky! RICE the hell out of that thing. Hope to see you running tomorrow.

  3. Hope it heals up, Jeff! RICE it up and hopefully we see you tomorrow!