Monday, April 29, 2013

RI State Police 5K

Sunday, April 28, 2013

17:54.  Average pace 5:46.  6th overall, 2nd in age group.  Full results here.

Only my second time running this race, but one of my favorites.  It's a real shotgun start by a trooper, the course is relatively flat and right along the shore, and it's a party atmosphere with a barbeque beach-side afterwards.

Went out for a warm-up run with much of the WTAC crew, ran a few local trails, and lined up in the 2nd row.  The gun went off, and I took it out pretty hard.  At the first turn about 1/4 mile in, Muddy passed me and I was probably about 10th.  I went through the first mile in 5:36.

My second mile was slower as usual.  There was a small but gradual incline on Boone Street, and I could feel myself slowing down, as I finished the 2nd mile in 5:52.
Two guys are right on my heels at finish,
hunting down the gazelle
Their maneuvers FAILED!
It turns out to be a teen and 20-something, but I was able to hold off both of them.

Mile 3 was downhill to the water and a flat finish back.  I was able to pick it up here and pass about 3 runners.  Passing the 3 mile mark (5:39 split), I could hear a runner bearing down on me.  Fearful of a repeat of last year when I got passed at the very end to end up in 4th in my age group, I sprinted it in and ended up just ahead of my pursuers, who ended up being two runners chasing me down, but neither in my age group anyway.
Cool down with the gang

17:54 final finish.  I had hoped for faster, but looking back, this was 27 seconds faster than my finish last year, so I'm happy with that.  Even happier for my WTAC teammates, including:

  • Tom, overall winner in 16:55!  Redeemed from last year when he placed 3rd and got nothing for it.
  • Muddy, taking 3rd place.
  • Mike B, back from injuries.
  • Mike C, got to see him just alive after previous day's TARC issues.
  • John, winning his age group.
  • Matthew, with a HUGE PR!  Last year at this race, he PR'd in 21 flat.  This year destroyed it in 19:21!
Age group award




  1. Nice work! I loved this race when I did it a few years back. Hope to do it again one day.

  2. Great race, and great results by the crew!!! This is definitely in my top five for races, sorry I missed the GYM team award though??? Hopefully you'll get some training runs in on your biz trip there, keep us posted!

  3. Loved the pictures I saw of you gazelling to the finish. Looks like you definitely gave it everything you had. Awesome!

  4. Another strong race Gazelle!!! A big congrats to Matthew on his new PR.