Thursday, April 25, 2013

Weekly Mileage 22-Apr to 28-Apr-2013

Monday:  0

1,000 yards.  Taxing swim workout with Tom.  We continue to increase the swim yardage.  Started with a 300 yard warm-up, and then a mix of different of pull and kick drills.  Definitely fatigued after this one, which indicates I really need to up the frequency and yardage of these sessions before the first tri in a couple of months.  Mystic Y Tri on June 9th?

10 miles.  Fun down by the seashore.  Mixed in some declining intervals speed sessions (5 min, 4 min, ...) at 5:40s pace on flat Atlantic Ave.  Next hit the hills north of Shore Road on Moonlight, and my calves were feeling really tight, I think from all the kicking at swimming the day before.

Thursday: 0
Alarm went off at 4.  I knew it was my only opportunity to run; I just didn't feel like going out, and it was nice not feeling I had to just to get a few miles in as I don't have any big races or goals at present.
Pardon my crude cell phone quality photo, but athletic highlight of my day
was going to a WHS awards presentation and see Mark get this plaque
Now, if only I had some of his swimming genes :)
900 yards.  Tom and I were waiting outside the Y at 4:55AM in the dark 35 degrees with about 15 other crazies.  Already felt cold before going into the cold pool, but warmed up quickly with a 300 yard warmup.  A few drills, and then 3 x 50 yards on 1 minute literally took my breath way as my form broke down and I got progressively slower:  47 / 52 / 54.  Want to incorporate more of these going forward.  Good workout!
 5 miles.  Ran with WMS track team distance runners, on a trek I picked out on quiet streets and along the river.  We had a group of 5 runners today, and a little slower pace than previously, but when the coach asked the newer girls if they wanted to go on a "long" run with Mr. Walker, their smiles and thumbs up made it all worth-while for me.
Mid-way into the run my cell phone rings (it's a school requirement that I bring it).  I see it's FiveK calling, so I ask what's up, and he's turns it back on me as apparently I've been pocket-dialing him.  I get home, and Jana asked why I kept calling but not speaking.  Oh, no - I look and see I apparently also sent out a few gobbly-gook business e-mails as well.  Note to self:  when carrying a phone on a run, lock the phone first!

First and foremost, hats off and good luck to all our WTAC comrades running the TARC 50K today.  Certainly a distance I've never run.  I'll look forward to hearing all the war stories.
24 miles with FiveK.  Chilly 37 degree start from my house (after FiveK had already put in ~3 miles getting here).  It was my turn to pick the route.  When I explained the route I had in mind to Tom (Pawcatuck, 49 up to Clark's Falls, 216 to Ashaway and Bradford, 91 and back roads back), I wish I could have captured the look on Tom's face - priceless!  Explaining that it was "only" a 24 mile ride didn't seem to help; you'd think I'd just asked him to do a full Ironman.
Once we got going, I think it was fine with him, as I gave a few options to shorten the route, but he was good.  Very COLD start; took me a long time to warm up.  The Dunkin Donuts in Boumenot territory was mighty appealing, but we kept going.  Quiet roads through North Stonington were enjoyable, especially as the sun came out.
3 miles.  Other than the "Gumby" feeling at the start of our run, we had a great run on Misquamicut roads.  Tried to keep it easy, but found ourselves running 6:49 / 6:34 / 6:47.

 6 miles.  RI State Police 5K.  Separate report to follow shortly.

Weekly Totals:
Run: 24 miles
Bike: 24 miles
Swim:  1,900 yards

Week in review:  Shortest run mileage I've had in a long time, but that's fine by me.  My marathon is done, and I want to get into some fun stuff, especially triathlons.  Really pleased with my two swim workouts and single bike workout this week.  Running will likely always be my forte, but it's fun to mix it up a bit and I'm psyched for tri season.
Trying to plan out some different runs this coming week - stay tuned.

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