Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Weekly Log 6-May to 12-May-2013: Overseas Running Week 2

4 miles slow pace recovery run after being wiped out from yesterday's run.
I'm not in Misquamicut anymore.
Man carrying food back to his home.
After spending time in third world
countries, it certainly puts a
different perspective on poverty and
class divide.

Garbage so many places in the parks.
The last day I was in the US, I was miffed that someone
left a single water bottle in Woody Hill Management Area,
and I carried it out on my run and brought it home to dispose.
Again, puts things in perspective.

800 yards.  Cross training day.  Tom failed to show up for my morning swim, so solo I go.  Swam a mix of slow 100s and fast (well, less slow) 50s until it was time to go for work.

Really rough night last night.  Practiced sprint repeats throughout the night, from the bed to the toilet (don't worry, no details on color or consistency!).  Can't be from alcohol, as that's banned this week to "keep the peace" during state elections.  Pretty sure it's from yesterday's team lunch where takeout food in little plastic bags was brought in by a colleague on a motorcycle in 90+ degree heat.  Probably didn't help matters that many of my Indian colleagues eat with their hands, including rice and curry, then pass food along.
About 1AM, after just getting to sleep after one of my "sprints", the cell phone rang.  "Hi Jeff, it's Paul Duffy [Westerly Town Rec. Director].  Did I catch you at a good time, buddy?"  Arggh - certainly not his fault.
I so need to find a simple Western lunch today or closest facsimile.
7 miles.  Was considering canceling today's run after a sleepless night and with knots in my stomach, but already arranged for driver to pick me up early morning and bring me to Lalbagh Gardens for running.  Off we go:
Entrance to Lalbagh Park

Nice quiet running/walking trail along
Lake Lalbagh

I think today's park was
cleaner and greener than Cubbon Park

Running up this slab of rock to Kempe Gowda
Tower was hard work; running down was
a trip

Final full day in India!  Oh Happy Day!  Oh Happy Day!
5 miles.  Went to Sree Kanteerava Stadium to run 400s on the track.  I don't know if it was the heat (80 degrees) or still being a little sick, but I only got through three of them (74, 75, 76) and I was completely done and gasping.  Ran to Cubbon Park, where I put in some 100 meter strides (one path has markings) and a cool down.
Sree Kanteerava Stadium, where I ran track today.
View as seen from my hotel room balcony.  The green beyond the stadium is Cubbon Park...

... as opposed to the rest of the views from hotel, which are all ugly city blocks.

1,000 yards.  Got in a nice swim session, including a 400 warm-up, 3x50 sprints, and the rest easy.  I will miss this awesome outdoor rooftop pool.

Closing pics from my India trip:

How much crap can you fit on a 3-wheeled pickup, or a
motorcycle?  Wish I had snapped a pic of the family of
four on a single scooter.

Muddy, isn't this bridge just as awesome
as the new Grills bridge?  Yeah,
maybe not.  Look forward to seeing it.
Mike C, I think you need to get out here with
your Ryobi to clear this trail blockage.
Isn't this in your trail jurisdiction?

Jonny, thought of you on this one.
Tom, couldn't get any of these lazy dogs to run
with me.  Where is Lulu when you need her?

Mike B, don't give up those triathlon plans just yet.
I found the perfect green swimming hole for you to train in.

Seth, is this similar to where you park your car for work?
(Yes, there's a "Four Wheeler Parking" sign as well.)
Note the man on left nonchalantly pushing his fruit cart down the middle
 of the road in traffic.  I'm scared each time just crossing the street.
And remember, when visiting India, never set your Googlies on the
road!  (No, I have no idea what "Googlies" are.)

8 miles.  Harmondsworth, United Kingdom.
Left my hotel in India at 3AM for an 11 hour flight to the UK.  Flight arrived almost two hours late, so my first instinct was to bag the layover run.  Nah, we'll just have to gazelle a little faster through the airport, customs, change, drop off bags at "left luggage", and certainly no time for trains into London.  Let's see what we can find locally.  Off we go ...

So nice to have clean, cool air in green surroundings, without pollution.  Absolutely beautiful natural grounds here.  Don't ever take it for granted!

Just a mile outside of busy Heathrow Airport:
60 degrees, clean air as I ran a trail through
this field

Interesting pub I ran past -
no I didn't bring back a pint for each of you

This connected to another trail system -
the trails just keep going and going

Running past Harmondsworth Moor

Nice footbridge crossing to yet more trail systems
Back at Heathrow Airport:
not quite sure I understand wheelbarrows as art.
There were at least 50 of them; wonder if they'd mind if I take just one to
replace my rusty one?

8 miles.  Shad Bloom 10K Trail Race, Block Island.
Write-up to follow.

Sunday:  0
Rest and family time on Mother's Day.

Weekly Totals:
Run: 32 miles
Bike:  ---
Swim:  1,800 yards

Week recap:
After nearly two weeks away in a place of severe air (and ground) pollution, I am so glad to be home!  The time in India this past week was really wearing on me.  Getting sick didn't help.  By contrast, Friday afternoon's run in the UK was just awesome.  Just to take a deep breath of cool fresh clean air and gaze upon miles and miles of green countryside is something I missed dearly.
Back in "the states", it was great to catch up with running friends on "the Block".  Yes, even in pouring rain!  Spent much of family dinners catching up on the boys' track meets that I missed, their upcoming meets, and planning for summer runs (Fun Runs just 4 weeks away!) and summer vacations.  What's not to love?
Did I mention how happy I am to be home?!


  1. I wouldn't want to live in a country that tried to mandate where I could set down my googlies. Have a safe trip back!

  2. I also prefer the right to choose where to put my googlies, thank you...and I don't see any blue blazes, so that can't be my jurisdiction...but I'll happily break out the chainsaw! Now get on back here, poor FiveK has nobody to run with at 4 a.m.!

  3. FYI: after research a "googly" (googlies pl.) is a type of throw (pitch?) in cricket in which the thrower puts some spin on the delivery so that it actually curves/swerves IN on a right handed batsman--analagous to a screwball in MLB pitching. I guess this is a tongue-in-cheek reference to "no swerving" in and out of traffic lanes. Safety first mates!!

    1. Nice research, Muddy! Swerving and constant beeping are the norm on India roads, so your interpretation makes sense. Unfortunately as with many India road signs and traffic lights this is one that is largely ignored.

  4. Looks like you made the most of your trip and I enjoyed your posts. The last run in the UK looked fantastic. Welcome back!