Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Weekly Log 27-May to 2-Jun-2013

3 mile Memorial Day barefoot beach run.  Tom, Matthew, and I ran from the Town Beach to the breachway in Weekapaug and back.
1/4 mile, give or take.  Matthew was the wiser as he continued on for a few more miles of running solo on the shore, while watching two fools jump into 55 degree water to splash around for a while.  It was frigid!
Two fools in the frigid water

Tom (left) and Jeff (right) navigating the chilly waters
The sane (left, sticking to running on the beach) and
the insane (right, into the frigid waters)

5 miles.  Stonington Fun Runs - 1st week.  Temps in the 50s and rain, plus early in the season, helped keep the numbers quite small at about 35.  2 mile warm-up with Matthew, followed by the Fun Run itself.  Two 20-somethings took off from the start, so I thought I'd try to hang with them if I could.  Mile 1 was 6:21, where one of the them dropped back.  It was still a comfortable pace when my watch beeped for Mile 2 and I told the one guy left we had just run 6:08, to which he replied between pants that it was the fastest mile he ever ran.  I congratulated him, but was feeling kind of weird staying right with him, so I went ahead and ran my final mile at 5:59.  Matthew finished up shortly after me, and Jana ran the full 5K route as well.  Drinks on the deck were quick as it was still raining.

1,000 yard morning swim.  Back at the pool with FiveK.  450 warm-up, 2 sets of 2@50, drills.
14 mile evening ride.  Quick solo ride through Weekapaug & Misquamicut.  Average 18 mph; top speed 30 on Shore Road.

19 miles with FiveK.  Invited the two Mikes, but didn't work out for them.  Rode out to Dunns Corners and then up to Bradford.  That part was mostly flat, but then the hills on 216 in Charlestown were not.  We pushed it pretty good on the hill climbs, before a loop down through Weekapaug/Misquamicut.  Average speed 17mph; tops 35mph on 216.
Mike B asked us to schedule the next bike
trip down in Misquamicut.  I did, but his
loss as he didn't show up for it

A break in Weekapaug
after trying to give FiveK a workout

6 miles with FiveK.  445 Club.  Very humid!  Between the last two nights' rides and this morning's run pushing the pace the whole way including up the Westerly Hospital hill, I can really feel it.  Matthew asked me to run a brick with him this afternoon - I hope he takes it easy on me!  Average pace 6:29.
16 miles.  Afternoon.  Ride portion of brick workout, including 10 miles with Matthew.  Out to Avondale and back, then Urso hills to Noyes Neck, and back via Atlantic.
3 miles.  Run portion of brick with Matthew.  82 degrees - yuck!  I hate the heat (sorry, Mike B), but know I need to get acclimated.  Transitioned immediately from bike to run, and with the Gumby-like legs, Matthew asked me if that's what if felt like to be drunk.  I told him I didn't know since I've never been drunk, but I'd ask my running friend Muddy what it feels like to be drunk!  Kidding - he wouldn't have believed me anyway.
7 mile slow pace cool-down.

5 miles.  Pawcatuck Lions 5K.  Hot and humid.  Separate write-up to follow.

1/4 mile open ocean swim with FiveK.  Was fearful of a repeat of a week ago where I just froze the whole time, but this time I got gradually acclimated.  Don't get me wrong - that water is still cold, but I was able to stay in for 15 minutes today and felt much more comfortable.  Today's struggle was seeing in the dense fog, and got clobbered by two waves close to shore.
7 miles.  Back Road Ramble.  Separate write-up to follow.

Weekly Totals:
Run: 29 miles Bike: 56 miles
Swim:  1,800 yards

Week recap:
Haven't reached 30 miles running in the past three weeks.  Don't mind that the mileage is lower per se, and expect it even with swapping out running time for the bike and swim.  However, what I do mind is the lack of a weekend long run.  In that spirit, I'm just going to have to have some weekends where I'm not running races, or at minimum, not a Sunday.  Let's see how I do with getting a few race-free weekends, but looking at my 2013 Races tab, I see it will have to wait another two weeks as Mystic Tri next weekend.  See, I don't exactly have a good track record there.


  1. You guys look all professional and stuff, I'd look like the fool on a Vespa trying to hang with Hell's Angels...

    1. No worries, Mike. We've just been adding on gradually, as I've been buying a few things the past few years. My bike jersey was a Christmas gift from Jana. Tom started off this season in a sweatjacket, baggy shorts, a hybrid, and no helmet. Ride with whatever works, and if you like it, you can gradually add on as well.