Monday, June 3, 2013

Pawcatuck Lions 5K

June 3, 2013

Too many races ... too little time.  Wanted to run the Twilight Trail Race with Jonny Friday night, as well as Mike Crutchley's Narragansett Trail 5K Saturday, but you just can't do it all.

Drove in to Pawcatuck with Matthew, and we decided on a pre-run warm-up tune of "Don't Bring Me Down" by ELO (1979). Once in a while I can snare him into a classical rock song that I grew up with.
Start of 2013 Pawcatuck Lions 5K:
lots of WTAC in the front ranks
 Went for a warm-up run with Matthew and Mike B.  Hot, direct sun, no breeze.  Not good.  At 78 degrees, I've certainly run hotter, but I'm not acclimated.  Exactly one week ago, I ran NSEF in upper 40s and light rain - I'll take that for running any day.  Right then, during today's warm-up, I decided I'd dial back the pace early rather than suffer the entire race.
Near the finish:
looking and feeling like death warmed over
At the gun, there was a minor car mishap that we had to run around, and we were off.  Two teens were ahead of me, and while they jockeyed for position a few times, 3rd is where I stayed for the race.  I stayed true to my word of backing off on the pace.  I intended to stay around 6 minute pace, but never even got that low.  Mile 1 was 6:04.  At the turn-around, I saw Jeff Vuono behind me - not in my age group anymore, but still wanted to stay ahead of him.  Mile 2 I ran 6:07.  The final mile on asphalt in the sun - I just wanted it over.  Mile 3 6:01.  The two kids in front of me were not that far ahead.  In fact, I finished just 6 seconds behind #2.  You'd think I'd at least try to chase them down - nothing doing - no strength.
Age group award
Neither my time nor my form was pretty by the end.  Finished the race, and sought refuge in the shade as I watched fellow WTAC'ers Jeff V, Mike B, Matthew, and Steve all with a top 10 finish.  Downed two bottles of water and an iced coffee and called it a day.
Seeking solace in the shade with the photographer and the boy
Final results:  3rd of 61, 18:57.  1st in age group, last in running form.  Full results.

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  1. It's funny you said the form thing. I always think you have great form: nice arm swing, good high back kick, quick cadence and powerful toe off. I think you
    got the stride of a fast 800/1600 guy. We all fall apart a bit in the heat. Nice races!