Monday, June 3, 2013

Back Road Ramble

Back Road Ramble 3.4 Mile Trail Race
Camp Watchaug, Charlestown, RI
Sunday, June 2, 2013

Back to back race weekend, having run the Pawcatuck Lions 5K the day prior.  Not ideal running conditions at about 72 degrees, but being a few degrees cooler than prior day and mostly shaded on trail definitely helped.  Had a 2-mile warm-up with Tom and Matthew, and saw that the trail markings had greatly improved over last year.
Starting line of Back Road Ramble
At the starting line, a 16-year old runner blasted out ahead of all of us, even through the mulch and area littered with stumps and a stone wall crossing.  He looked like a serious contender, thin, and clad in a CVS 5K technical shirt.  However, when I saw the ease which Tom overtook him just 1/4 mile in, I knew I had nothing to dread.  I passed the CVS kid about 1/2 mile in, and then followed Tom into the campground, where I saw him on the first road or two and then not again until the finish.  At a 90 degree turn about a mile and a quarter in, I turned back to see how far behind me CVS kid was.  No CVS kid in sight at all, but who is that behind me now?  It's Matthew!  Nice job!  I'm thrilled for him and scared for me at the same time.  Could have been one or two more signs or marshals in the campground at intersections, but overall well done with marking this year.  Back onto the single-track and then Sanctuary Road for the final mile, finished in 20:50.
Uphill finish well marked with streamers

WTAC contingent - all top 10 finishers!

Is this why they call me "gazelle"?
Tired and hot, but much better conditions than at Pawcatuck.  Cool-down with Tom and Mike C (who by the way, now goes by "Critchlery" - see results link at bottom); the cool-down was not possible at Pawcatuck.  Tom had an easy win over that 2nd guy, while Matthew pulled his first ever top 3, and Steve and Mike were in top 10!
Beautiful waterfront was the awards venue

Critchlery and FiveK missed out on the water trampoline:
Man, was that fun!  If I timed my landing just after one of the big guys,
I could really fly up into the air, sometimes landing back on trampoline,
sometimes in the water

Kayaking fun with Matthew - all included in the race admission

Cookout and sandwiches were served at a picnic area on the waterfront, followed by fun on the water for those who stayed.  Nice race.  Nice setting.  I'll be back.

Final results:  20:50, 2nd overall of 60.  Full results here.


  1. I shave my face and I'm "Critchlery" now, awesome! If I ever need to go underground, that's the way to go :), fun race with everyone, and warm but not crazy. Great event, too, should be double the entries next year...

  2. Jeff - it was good to see you at the race. Thanks for including the gazelle photo, I missed it in the last race write up! My kids desparately wanted to play on that trampoline....