Thursday, June 13, 2013

Weekly Log 10-Jun to 16-Jun-2013

15 mile equivalent in a Spinning class at the Y with FiveK.  What form of punishment is this?  With the rain, we moved our ride indoors.  There were about 15 people in the class, with a ratio of about 2:1 females.  (I wouldn't have noticed that, but I think that's what my single friend told me.)  The level of effort is whatever you put in, so when the instructor said it bring it up to a "10" (effort on a scale of 1-10), that's what I did.  After the triathlon just the previous day, with this session being mostly out of the saddle climbing, I could really feel the workout on the legs.

6 miles.  Stonington Fun Runs week #3.  About 35 people showed up.  Many probably turned off by the downpour just prior to start, but by 6:15PM send-off it had completely stopped raining with sun even poking in and out.  2 mile warm-up with Matthew, then FiveK.
At start, FiveK asked me if I'd want to run 6:30 pace with him.  Sure, sounds good, as I wanted to take it easier given Monday workout and upcoming Wednesday Westerly Fun Run.  Bu this was feeling like a hard 6:30; it must have been because of the near 100% humidity?  Nope, that ain't it - mile split came in - 5:51!!  Not what I was looking for, so I told Tom I'd finish up the 1st lap (of 2) with him and the lead kid, and then drop back to run closer to 6:30.  I didn't exactly run 6:30s myself, but with Mile 2 and 3 at 6:01 and 6:16 respectively, it was a little more comfortable.

1,000 yards.  Tough getting out of bed at 4 for this one.  Probably last pool swim for a while, as pool closed for next two weeks, putting us into July when I typically do all my swims outdoors in open water.  Don't know if I inhaled too many pool chemicals, but couldn't stop sneezing rest of the day.  Usual workout, with my 2 x (2 x 50) at (49, 53, 50, 55).
15 miles.  Slow biking repeatedly over Fun Run course clearing debris, marking, etc.
3 miles.  Misquamicut Fun Run debut week of season.  Results here, with click-through to full individual results  Overall went quite well:  about 60 runners total for the 3 races (0.3 mile for kids, 1 mile, and 5K).  I started out about 5th place for the first mile, behind Tom, Nick Celico, and two kids.  Passed the two kids in the long Crandall St stretch, and came through the mile in about 5:30.  On the short hill climb, I could hear someone coming right up behind me.  I was thinking this was a Jonny strategy with his superb hill strength, but thought he wasn't running (later found out it was, and it was him).  After the hill climb, I finished Mile 2 in 5:58 and then was able to resume a faster pace.  I didn't hear the footsteps anymore, and finished Mile 3 in 5:43 and closed out with an 18:13 overall.  Just 3 seconds off my PR on this course - not bad for first run of the season!

Thursday:  0

10 miles.  Niantic Bay 10K.  Write-up real soon.  Promise!

 15 miles with Jonny.  This was an adult version of splashing in the puddles and mud.  Met Jonny at 6AM at Burlingame.  Ran up to Kimball trails, then traced the Brrr-lingame course.  At the risk of the obvious, this looked completely different than the last time I ran these trails, which was at Galoob's race just after the blizzard.  Until this point, the trails were high and dry.
As we ran to the bridges to Vin Gormley, we pussy-footed around puddles.  By the time we got to the North Camp trail down to the pond, we were just running through puddles and streams - I was actually looking forward to them.  Added on some additional miles on parts of Sammy C and Schoolhouse - I would need Jonny the trailmaster to retrace.  Finished up at the picnic area and shook what mud we could out of socks and shoes - good fun.  I reminded myself and Jonny that I need to do less races and more of these fun runs.
1 mile is my best guess for this 37-minute swim with FiveK in "Salt Pond" (really Winnapaug Pond).  I got the pleasure of getting picked up in his Mustang convertible.  Felt like I was returning to my youth when I drove my own convertible down the Misquamicut strip, including when the two of us were driving though the State Beach lot and 3 girls asked us for a ride - OK, they were probably 30 years my junior, but it was interesting just the same.  Anyway, where was I?  Oh yeah - the swim - started across the road from the State Beach, swam out towards the Purple Ape, then towards the end of the Nature Conservancy trail off Shore Road and on the opposite side of the pond.  Man, that seemed really far away.  The arms and legs feel it, but really good swim.

31 miles.  50K early morning Father's Day ride with FiveK and Eric.  I like the punishment of the Charlestown hills, so that's where I led us back to.  I'm convinced it will make me a stronger cyclist at tris.  A few flat sections on Route 1 and 91 were where we pushed it pretty hard.  On Kings Factory road return we had a Muddy Puddin' sighting - confirmed, and on return the 3 of us enjoyed an iced coffee outdoors at Dave's Coffee in Charlestown before going our separate ways in Weekapaug.  Fun ride - looking forward to more of these.
Father's Day breakfast at Prime Time, afternoon played football and frisbee with my boys at Wilcox Park while Jana read a book, then the 4 of us pigged out on ice cream at Downtown Creamery.

Weekly totals:
Run:  34 miles
Bike:  61 miles
Swim:  2,800 yards

Week in review:
Highest mileage total in all 3 sports I've had in quite some time.  Maybe ever?  Just had a lot of fun, and enjoying the variety, running/biking/swimming friends, and warmer weather.
The week forthcoming looks real busy already:  Mon timing and encouraging Matthew at Hershey track meet at Chariho, Tue Stonington Fun Run, Wed Westerly Fun Run,  Thu Corporate Challenge in Boston w/Seth, Fri/Sat/Sun ???.  Legs are fried at end of weekend, but I'm lovin' it as we sail towards 1st day of summer.
Rock on, friends.

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