Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekly Log 24-Jun to 30-Jun-2013

Blog photos (clockwise from upper left):  
Ocean  Beach, Blessing, Run 4 Kerri, Stavros, Camire's Firecracker, Crabman
Kudos to Crutch and Muddy.

Monday:  0
Had an invite for an evening pond swim, but the body said it needed a full rest day.

4 miles.  5AM WHS track workout.  Today is WTAC track workout day, but dispersed over various times and locations.  Jonny's e-mail about a 6AM CHS track workout beckoned to me, but there was no way I could make that (my train departs Westerly at 6:02), so I did the next best thing and made my own short workout:
Jogged from the Y to WHS, 2 warmup laps, then 5 x 400:  83, 81, 78, 78, 77.  I was happy with myself for even getting out there solo, plus not going all out on the 1st lap and having nothing left.  I have no illusions of making it to the track every week, as I like running in circles in heat and humidity about as much as Mike B likes winter, but I also know I need to work in some speedwork component.  Downhill to Wilcox Park, showered at the Y (where I saw Steve getting ready for a spin class), and hopped on the train, leaving the WHS track warmed up and in good condition for the next crew of Muddy and FiveK coming in at 6AM.

6 miles.  Stonington Fun Run week #5.  Warm-up with Don, Tom, Mike B.  Steamy hot in the low 80s.  Eased into it with a 6:43 first mile.  Tom and Mike were so far ahead I wasn't going after them.  But as I slowly picked up the pace into the 2nd lap (6:31 mile 2), I could see them just a block ahead when I got to Omega.  Well, I "have" to go after them now!  Caught up with them by the library and ran in with them (6:13 mile 3) for a 20:11 finish.  Cool-down with the two of them, plus JP and friend, and just could not stop sweating.  Enjoyed a drink on the docks with friends.

 3 miles.  Misquamicut Fun Runs week #3.  Hot and humid, with temps near 80.  Thought I took this one easier and a little slower, so was shocked with my splits and that overall I was just 1 second slower than last week:  5:35, 5:53, 5:47, overall 18:16.

Thursday:  0
Long work day, late evening after-work event in Beantown.

13 miles total.

Morning:  7.5 miles.  Tom had the brilliant idea to continue the beach run and ocean dip from the solstice last Friday and make it each Friday morning at 5AM.  He, Mike B, and I met up at Charlestown Breachway for a 7.5 mile through local neighborhoods and back on the beach barefoot for last section.  Got back to the breachway just as the skies were opening up.
Jumped in the ocean and played in the waves for a bit in an absolute downpour.  Fun!  I had expected the beach to be packed on this summer day, but there wasn't a soul on the beach save us and a fisherman that left once the rain came.  It turns out that 5AM in the pouring rain isn't a popular time to go to the beach.  Huh!  Go figure.  Meanwhile Julie is reading this shaking her head wondering what numb-skulls her husband got involved with.

Evening:  5.5 miles.  Groton Fun Runs, 1st week.  Trail runs in Bluff Point State Park.  Light attendance of about 30 for 1st week.  A kid shot off at the starting line to lead by a huge margin, until I reeled him in about 3/4 mile later.  Not too hot, but very humid.  Matthew easily finished 4th.  Jana ("I don't run trails") ran the full 3.5 mile run, so congrats to her!

42 miles!  Nice 6AM long ride w/FiveK out through Stonington, up North Main/Taugwonk/Rocky Hollow/Wyassup into North Stonington.  The hills were already challenging up to this point, and then we hit Chester Main:  1 mile continuous climb with elevation gain of 223'.  Beautiful views from the vineyard and countryside up top.
Rode past the Crutchley residence, where not a creature was stirring.  We think we might have heard Mike snoring.  216 through the bustling Clark's Falls, the 'Shway,  Bradford, and out to Route 1 in Charlestown, where we enjoyed a break over iced coffee at Dave's Coffee, before the return ride to Westerly.  Fantastic ride!
8 mile run with Matthew, as part of his training for Blessing of the Fleet race next month.  Local Misquamicut roads.  Humid!

15 mile humid group run with Muddy, WhichWay?, and New Zealander transplant Ryan.  Meadowbrook Pond in Wood River Junction out Carter Preserve, roads into Shannock, Shannock Hill climb and steep descent, then on Pine Hill Road we heard "Strava" yelled.  Turned out it was Mike Galoob leading a pack of cyclists!  North South Trail back to WRJ, where Muddy and I dove into the pond.  Afterwards we saw a "No Swimming" sign.  Oh well.  Good run.  Legs are feeling it.

Weekly totals:
Run:  49 miles
Bike:  42 miles
Swim:  0

Week recap:
2013 is officially half over.  I'm behind on my running goal of 2,200 miles, but only by ~70 miles, and besides, it's a goal to encourage me to get out there, as opposed to a do-or-die mandate.
For my core activity, running, another really solid week with a nearly 50-mile week.  Only got a single ride in, but made the most of it by getting my longest ride this year (42 miles) and some serious hill climbs.  The swim suffered as I didn't get in any at all, and it's my lowest priority and enjoyment.  Really takes some careful planning to get all three in.
Looking ahead to next week, I'll be adding in another group track workout early Tuesday, ocean swim and easy fun run Wednesday, Camire's final Firecracker race Thursday, and a fun group beach run Friday.  Now if only this dreary perpetual fog and mist would go away ...


  1. Ah the track. Two blocks from my house. I need to make a date with it in the a.m. Thanks for the reminder!! Enjoy that commute.

  2. I love the new photos on your blog header, especially the one of you airborne running barefoot on the beach. That looks so fun! (and hard - running fast on sand is tough!)

    I am curious to know your thoughts on the Saturday/Sunday run or bike thing - I find its more comfortable to run on Saturday and bike on Sunday because you get a better quality run and it is easier to bike on tired legs the next day than it is to run. But for tri training, I've been looking at a half ironman training plan that calls for a long bike on Saturday and a long run on Sunday, which I suppose makes sense given the order of a triathlon.

    1. Thanks Shira. That barefoot airborne shot is from our WTAC end-of-summer race on the beach - this year to be held on Sep 10.

      Generally, I agree with you on the sequence of Saturday run and Sunday bike, but last week I reversed and am this week again just due to availability of others, and interestingly so far hasn't impacted me at all.

  3. Kicked back this evening and caught up on running blogs, read yours back a few weeks. Great reading! Congratulations to your Mom on becoming a US citizen! Great pic of the two of you! Good to chat with you Tuesday at Dog Watch and to meet your wife. Look forward to meeting Matthew next time we hook up.

  4. Jeff, You could not have expressed my thoughts better! Just when I think you guys have hit craziness, you find a way to be crazier! I have to keep reminding Michael he is not 17 like 5k.