Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weekly Log 1-Jul to 7-Jul-2013

Monday:  0
Much needed complete day of rest.

6 miles.  Early morning track workout w/ FiveK and WhichWay?.  Ran from the Y at 4:35AM, and by the time I got to WHS track less than 10 minutes later, Mike was already warming up, and there was some other guy out there that was FINISHING up his workout as Tom pulled in shortly thereafter.
Today's order of business was 4x400, followed by 4x200, with my results as follows:  73, 72, 73, 73, and then 33, 34, 33, 34.  SO much easier with two other guys out there, and with Tom leading the way setting the pace and thus giving me someone to chase after.  Super happy with my pace and consistency today.
Cooldown in the rain back to the Y, where I had just enough time for a quick shower, grab a bite to eat, and hop on the train to work - great way to start my day!

3 miles.  Westerly Fun Runs.  Easy pace running w/Tom and Ryan.

 7 miles.  Camire's Firecracker 4 miler.  See separate write-up.

6 miles.  5AM weekly Friday edition of beach run and splash.  This one w/Tom and Mike B from Watch Hill gazebo out roads to Misquamicut, back on the beach, passed 4 Taylor Swift guards on East Beach, continued onto Napatree to finish out w/an ocean dip.
1/4 mile.  Afternoon solo swim from Town Beach eastwards.

Hiking!  4.4 miles on White Ledge Trail, Albany, NH.  With my family and my cousin's family.  One quickly apparent benefit of the four of us being fit and active was the ease of hiking, even on steeper sections, relative to others.  Followed up the hike with a swim in the Swift River - refreshing on a hot day, and ended the day with a good dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Conway.

 11 miles.  White Lake State Park, NH.  Something was poking me in the tent at 5:30AM, and I awoke to find it was a Matthew.  "Ready for a run, Dad?"  OK - give me just a few minutes.  We went out for an easy paced 10.5-miler on trails, gravel roads, and quiet country roads.

Weekly totals:
Run:  33 miles
Bike:  0
Swim:  1/4

Week recap:
Wierd week with the holiday mid-week and leaving for NH Saturday morning.  My swimming and biking is suffering and I'll have to get back after it next week, but at the moment, just happy to be on vacation enjoying the summer.

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  1. Damn! The 0445 Club knows how to roll on the track. Those are some fast 400s/200s.