Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sailfest 5K

Sunday, July 14, 2013

18:03, 5:49 average pace.  11th overall out of 234.  1st in age group.
Full results here.

Was happy that both of my sons wanted to run this race.  Matthew is a regular fixture on the local road racing circuit, but for my 15-year old (Mark), it takes coordination when getting up earlier than Noon in the summer.

Caught with Tom and his college teammate, Kevin.  The five of us went out for about a 1.5 mile warmup.  Although it was overcast at that hour, it was clear that it would be quite a humid run.

Mile 1:  Lined up about two rows back at the start, and after 1/2 mile or so, settled in about 15 places back.  I could see Tom up ahead in a pack of clustered runners.  When a volunteered at a "Mile 1" sign barked out "5:11" I was shocked and concerned as never ran a mile in a 5K anywhere near that pace.  (In fact, 5:10 is my mile PR on a track.)  Worries ended when my own watch showed 5:35 and 0.95 miles.  My GPS split was 5:38; happy with that.
Just before race finish

Mile 2:  Uphill start to the second mile.  Took an extra second or two to avail myself of both hoses spraying water on the course.  Ah, temporary relief!  At the top of the hill, caught up to James Rose, a 15-year old that I battled and lost to at the Lions.  It took me 4 times passing him this time before I stayed ahead of him.  Looking at his results, I'm guessing he slowed a lot in final 1.5 miles.  Mile 2 split 5:56.

Mile 3:  Forgot that part of the final mile was uphill.  Back to my position as an island, I tried to focus and stay strong.  Neat finish through vendor stalls and crowds.  Final mile 5:59 to an 18:03 finish.
Just after the race

Watched my boys come in, and then hung out under a shower set up from a fire hydrant.  Congrats to Tom and Don Weller on their age group wins.
1st in age group award

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