Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Weekly Log 8-Jul to 14-Jul-2013

Highlights from NH mini-trip:
The four of us near top of hike-
the old man looks like he's about to collapse

Lunch and blueberry picking along the trails

Ahhh - post-hike relief from the heat in the Swift River
Camouflage is really cool
Fun in North Conway
Back at the campsite - it was fun until the downpours
13 miles
Run #1:  10 mile hard run.  Went online and found somebody done stole my Bartlett NH Strava hill segment from February.  I can't mention any names, of course, but the accused has the initials "SA" and hails from Charlestown.  Well, we'll have to leave any reclaim attempt for another day as that's a far run from here, and in meantime scan out local Tamworth, NH area Strava hill challenges.  Here's what I found and went after:
In the middle there is a 307' climb up Page Hill Road.  You better believe I was huffin' and puffin' running up that bad boy.  Reached the top and then had 2+ miles of downhill.  Mile splits were all over the place, from 8:03 uphill to 5:55 down.

Run #2:  Got back to the campsite, took off my shoes and socks, spied the wife coming out of the tent and thought, good, a shower and breakfast.  No deal.  Instead, she asked, "Want to go for a 5K?".  Of course, that's exactly what I was thinking!  Put back on the sweaty socks and shoes and played a good husband/tour guide for a 5K on a mix of dirt roads and back roads.

6 miles.  Got back to RI late afternoon, enough time to unpack and head to Stonington Fun Runs with FiveK.  Caught up with Mike B and all the usual cast of characters.  Well, that would be all except for the guy who gave us crap about not showing up last week.  How did he end his Stonington Fun Run blog post last week?  - "Love the Borough!  See you all next week!"  Not sure where that Critchlery dude was intending to see us all, but it apparently wasn't in the Borough.
Ran out with FiveK with a target of 6:30ish.  Mile 1 was 6:05, so I dropped and let him go.  Slowed to 6:13 for Mile 2, and as was feeling good, ran Mile 3 in 6:03.  18:56 finish, followed by a quick cool-down and drinks and laughs dockside.  Always a good time.

3/4 mile (?).  5:45AM swim with Steve, Larry, and Tom eastbound from Old Town Beach.  Swam through thousands of small jellyfish - at times you could just see them floating on the surface.  Very foggy.  Soon lost sight of Steve and Tom, tried to keep Larry in my sights, and when he turned around (15 min), I followed his lead.  10 minute swim back to the beach with the current.  Arms tired.
2 miles.  Tom had to head off to work, but the three remaining ran out easy pace towards Seaside and back.  Steve initially was going for running shoes but then decided this was better practice barefoot for BI Tri in 3 weeks.  Psyched!
3 miles.  Westerly Fun Runs week #5.  18:27.

Thursday: 0
Long stressful day in the concrete jungle of Beantown.

13 miles.  Didn't run as early or as long as I would have liked, but still a decent long run, especially as just sub-7 pace.  Met up with me, myself, and I at the Watch Hill gazebo at 5:20AM, and all of us ran up to and through Avondale, before winding back along Ocean View Highway.  Met up with FiveK back at the gazebo at 6AM for Round #2:  7 miles, including the hill in No Bottom Pond, and then last 2.5 miles on the beach, hammering final mile on sand in 6:18, before jumping in the ocean at East Beach, Watch Hill.  Awesomeness!

Next Friday's edition is likely at East Beach, Charlestown.  Any takers?

Signed up today for Blessing, Run 4 Kerri, and Smuttynose.

True work conversation today with a business colleague in UK:
He:  Jeff, when I talked to you at 4:30AM your time today, did you say you were already up, mate?
Me:  Yes, that's right.
He:  What are you, one of those crazy marathoners or something?

Ha!  He nailed that one right.

18 miles.  Easy pace bike portion of brick, average 15 mph.  Unfortunately even easy short hills kicked my butt today.  While I'm sure somewhat due to sopping humidity, the reality is I haven't put time in the saddle recently and it shows.
3 miles.  Run portion of brick.  Lulu joined us for the run just as it started to rain.  Easy pace down to Weekapaug and back to Tom's house.

5 miles.  Sailfest 5K, including warmup.  See separate write-up.
3 miles.  Barefoot beach run to Seaside and back.  Was enjoying the beach with my sons, when I spied a Boumenot running by.  Matthew and I chased him down.
1/4 mile open ocean swim with Matthew.
12 miles.  Evening ride with Matthew out to Weekapaug, Misquamicut, Avondale.
3 miles.  Run portion of brick with Matthew as it's getting dark.  Busy day.  Getting real tired now...

Weekly totals:
Run:  48 miles
Bike:  30 miles
Swim:  1 mile

Week recap:
A really good week on balance!  I think the only thing I missed was any speedwork, but I got in a lot of runs, including serious hills and a summer race.  Also got in two rides and two swims, which has been my elusive goal.
Looking ahead to next week, I have Bottone Mile on Tuesday, which truth be told, I'm not looking forward to as I don't like track or ultra-short distances, but it'll be over in 5 minutes or so.  The most fun event for me will probably be the beach run and splash on Friday, and then I'll be looking for a long ride Saturday (40+?) and long run Sunday (20?), as it'll be my last free weekend before launching into back-to-back double race weekends (Blessing/Crabman, followed by Block Island/Kerri).  Lovin' the summer!


  1. I don't buy this "old man looks like he is going to collapse" business. You were probably telling the kids you were ready for the next climb!!