Monday, July 29, 2013

Blessing of the Fleet

Friday, July 26, 2013

I have run this 10-mile mid-summer race every year since I started running in 2003.  The first nine years I raced it, ranging from a high of 1:11:52 in my debut to a low of 1:02:43 in 2010.  This year and last has been a special treat to run together with my 13-year old son Matthew and watch his triumphs and help in any way I can (e.g., fetching water, advice on tangents, etc.).

The weather was favorable this year, overcast and low 70s.  We ran a warm-up with Mike B and settled in probably 10 rows back from the start.  Last year Matthew ran a 1:17 in this race as a 12-year old, and this year he initially was gunning for 1:14 but then upped the goal to 1:10!  OK - 7 minutes average, meaning a number if not majority of miles would have to be dipping into 6:50s.

The first mile was the usual chaos of just trying to stay upright while weaving through people.  Despite this the first mile came through at 6:35.  We backed off for a 2nd mile of 6:49, and after checking with Matthew, he felt good.  Mile 3 was really fast again, but I'm not sure if that was attributed to feeling good or Matthew's Boumenot sighting as he wanted to reel him in.
(l-r) me, Matthew, and an unidentified kindly runner
helping to run Matthew in

Final steps to finish at near sprint

As we turned out of Scarborough and up onto busy 108, the miles slowed back down for 4-6:  6:44, 6:46, and Matthew's only mile north of 7 minutes at 7:05.  Mile 7 was a fast 6:37 in the dark wooded hollow as he caught up to Mike again.  By Mile 8, Matthew was saying it was starting to hurt, but with 8 miles into the game, I told him just to try to hold his course.  Miles 8 and 9 were 6:46 and 6:45, and we're at the final mile!  With a quarter mile to go, a strong black runner went past us and signaled back to Matthew to catch up to stay with him.  Matthew glanced at me, I nodded, and he took the bait!  A really fast final mile in 6:31!  Awesome job for a final finish of 1:07:47, 6:47 pace.  136th place of 2,406 runners.  Top 5%!  Not bad for a 13-year old.
Goal of 1:14 1:10
All destroyed as Matthew takes 10 minutes off last year's
time to go under 1:08 with a 6:47 pace


  1. Your kids just get faster and faster. I'm officially running scared!

  2. Amazing!! Your (our) days are numbered.