Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Weekly Log 14-Jul to 20-Jul-2014: England to Home to Half-Century Celebration

15 miles.  England canal run.  Just outside our hotel is the end of the Union Canal.  The canal system was built in 1829, includes a path alongside the canal, and goes on for over 140 miles! In fact, there an annual 145-mile canal running race held every year.   Crutch, can I sign you up for this one?

I started on busy concrete walkways in downtown areas, past train stations, etc.  However, within two miles, the path had changed to dirt (there was still an asphalt section for another mile or two so runners like B and FiveK could feel comfortable, but after that it was all dirt).  Leaving the city limits, the path turned into quiet countryside.  Saw a few runners and many cyclists.  The beauty of a canal run is canals never cross roads, so it's a continuous run.  I ran reasonably hard non-stop, with an average pace for 15 miles of 6:43.

5 miles.  Newcastle-upon-Tyne, northern England.  Took a three hour train north out of London, and spent the night here. 
The former (Quayside) is where we ran today;
the latter must be a very important place in England.

Early morning run with Jana along the waterfront at
Quayside, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Again, pictures do not do this justice, but today's outing, scenery, and history was just awesome.
Even the boys were impressed, and that's not easy.
Hadrian's Wall, originally 15 feet high and 73 miles long, built in 122 AD to
demarcate the boundary of the Roman Empire.  This is inside Northumberland National Park.

Left past the wall is looking into Scotland, home of my Walker ancestry,
also on my bucket list.

5 miles.  Overnight sail crossing the North Sea, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England to Ijmond, Netherlands, before train to Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport for the return flight home.  Ferry was actually quite enjoyable.  We had a cabin with four beds, a nice buffet dinner and breakfast, and shower before departing.
I took this shot from the stern of our ferry on our overnight crossing of the North Sea.
 This was just after 10PM local time, and there was still plenty of light.

We were all very surprised to see Seth Acton dining on our ship!
Arrived Westerly 9PM bleary-eyed, as it was 3AM European time.

My synopsis and opinion only, although it was unanimous in my family that UK by far was the best country we visited.

Most of us would like to return to a full trip to the UK only and explore the far northern and western parks.  Glacier National Park (Montana), southern CA and Quebec were also thrown out as 2015 vacation options, but maybe Dad should find a job first?  Got lucky this time to cash in 4 free round-trip tickets to Europe (frequent flier miles from India business trips); won't be so lucky next time.

11 miles.  Ran in this cool oceanside community called Westerly, Rhode Island!  Woke up at 4:30, a little confused at first.  Which country am I in today, what currency and electrical adapter do I need to use?  Oh, I'm home!

Ran very short distance through Champlin, short enough to break up the monotony of Shore Road and just long enough for a reminder that deer flies rule the roost for the next month or so.  Ran to and through Weekapaug, and then a very pleasant beach run back at low tide.  When I got to New Town Beach, I saw people waving at me.  Turned out to be Schon and Kathy Robbins, comparing OCY Tri and trying to plan for Rhode Warrior swim portion.  I think both are planning to swim with us tomorrow.

0.7 miles.  Open ocean swim with the usual suspects, plus Kathy Robbins and a few I didn't know
3 miles.  Run to Weekapaug and back to Town Beach with B, Five K, and Steve

31 miles, an ocean dip, followed by an afternoon of fun with family and friends.  Write-up to follow shortly.

5 miles.  Beach recovery run.

Weekly Tally:
76 miles!!
0 miles
0.7 miles


  1. I look weary and haggard. Time travel will do that to a man.

  2. 50K on your 50th. I am impressed. Have you been training for this? What an awesome way to welcome in the new decade!