Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weekly Log 30-Jun to 6-Jul-2014

2014 is half over.  My first half run tally is 1,125 miles against a target of 2K, so a tad ahead of schedule especially given my hiatus during surgery.  What I'm missing at present isn't so much the mileage, but need more (some?) speed workouts and a consistent balance between tri sports.

Monday:  0
Rest day.

600 yard pool swim.  Short window between Y opening at 5am and train departing at 6am. 
First time swimming in a pool with my new Garmin Fenix 2.
I have much to learn on my new multisport GPS watch, but being able
to use it for swim in both open water and pool and see my distance,
stroke count, etc., is a major advantage.
7 miles.  Stonington Fun Runs.  Took me a long time to stop sweating after this one.

10 miles.  Solo Watch Hill run.
3 miles.  HHH run at Westerly Fun Run.  Maybe I'm slowly acclimatizing, though, as I ran the first half with Muddy at conversational pace not feeling completely running at all out pace, and yet my average pace was still a peppy 5:44.  Happy with this one.

Thursday:  0

0.7 miles.  Group 4th of July swim with FiveK, Shara, Mike B, Matthew, and Jonny E.  Swam Burlingame 1/4 mile course, and tacked on a little extra to Camp Watchaug and back.
5 miles.  Burlingame to campground with a detour on trails through Kimball out to the lookout tower.  Finished up just before the deluge started.

41 mile coastal CT ride with Mike B and FiveK.  Mike planned this fun ride, including a trip through Noank and beautiful Groton Long Point, which I had never visited.
3 miles.  Beach run with Matthew and Crutch, before heading to Logan and boarding a plane to Amsterdam.  Netherlands was just winning their World Cup match in penalty kicks as we boarded, and it was like a party atmosphere with many people wearing orange and orange streams on the jetway to the plane.

6 miles.  After an afternoon canal sightseeing cruise (we opted for a different company than the one advertising "Patrons are allowed to smoke dope on board."), went for a fun solo exploring run.  Many canals here as expected.  Tried to remember which one I was running along, as not to get lost.  Went into and ran through Amstel Park.  They did have maps with markings that I could periodically check; quickly figured out a few words in Dutch:
"Heer staat u" = "You are here"
"Uitgang" = "Exit"

Ran on everything from asphalt to dirt to bark chip mulch trails.  Fun run.

Mark ordered a beer with his lunch at this open air restaurant in Amsterdam.  With the drinking age in Netherlands at 16, it's just no big deal in Europe.

Weekly Tally:
34 miles
41 miles
1.1 miles