Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Weekly Log 23-Jun to 29-Jun 2014

No more races on my upcoming race calendar for over a month now!  Yes, I'll be running Bottone Mile on Friday, but not having trained for it in lieu of longer distances, I have no expectations.  That leaves me a few solid weeks for training in swimming, biking, and running.

By the way, now that we've changed seasons again, please take a look at the collage of photos from 2013 Summer races above, and comment on your guesses for which races they are from.

Monday:  0
Rest day after 2+ hours racing Oh My Goddard on Sunday.

8 miles.  Morning pond loop easy pace.
Tempus fugit!  Matthew trying his best to frown as he ends an era.  Our youngest
graduates Westerly Middle School with a plethora of graduation certificates:
National Junior Honor Society (thanks Crutch for writing recommendation!),
President's Award for Academic Excellence, and the only recipient of the
2014 Perfect Attendance Award.

21 miles with Mike B, Matthew, and Jonny E to and from the Stonington Fun Runs.  Traffic busy on the way out, much better on return.
6 miles.  Stonington Fun Runs, including warm-up and cool-down.  Fun comfortable run, plus a drink and good conversation on the docks afterwards.

7 miles.  Humid morning run through Avondale and back home via Misquamicut.
3 miles.  Westerly Fun Run.  Started off with FiveK and Muddy, but only hung with them for half a mile as the pace was a little fast for me.  About a mile and a half in, I heard footsteps just behind me on Shore Road.  No idea who is hunting me down.  As usual, I gazelled it downhill on Kathleen Drive, and then was just waiting for the footsteps to reappear and to be passed.  I hung in there for the rest of the race, and then see it's Matthew behind me!  Days are numbered.  Mark even ran the 5K today; wish he'd join us for more of these.  5:52 / 6:11 / 5:50.

6 miles.  Started in the rain, ended in drizzle/fog.  That's OK, it actually felt good.  Local roads on my Westerly Hospital loop.

0.5 miles.  Open ocean swim.  Last e-mail from Steve the day before gave directions to arrive at 5:45am and start swimming at 6am.  Arrived Town Beach at 5:48am, the group had already taken off swimming!  And I thought runners were punctual.  Not an issue - it's not like I can keep up with Steve, FiveK, or Shara anyway.  Fortunately, Mike B circled back and we swam together back to the Town Beach and then out to Windjammer and back.  Much easier getting into the water than just a week ago.
5 miles.  Barefoot beach run with Mike B.  The rest of the swim crew had to skedaddle, so he and I had a nice leisurely run out to Weekapaug, reversed direction out past Misquamicut State Beach, and back.
2 miles.  Bottone Track Mile at SHS.  Full results.  By far my least favorite distance.  Yes, there's something flawed in my wiring that I'd prefer to run a marathon over a mile any day.  By mid-afternoon, I was starting to fret over this race, I hadn't trained, etc.  Calm down, don't be silly, just go out and run it.  Lowered my expectations to 5:30 (last year 5:13, PR of 5:10).  I knew after Lap 1 clocked in at 76 seconds it was going to be a slow time for me.

Ended up running 5:25, my slowest time in 10 years.  You know - if you don't train, you're not going to get there.  Yeah, I could throw in my down time for surgery, but it's easy to find excuses.  Will have to "man up" for next year and throw in some short distance training.

  • Matthew passing me on lap 3 and getting a PR of 5:22.  (He's thrown down the gauntlet by saying he's going to beat me at next Wednesday's fun run also!)
  • A challenging top 2 finish in the elite heat with Tom running an impressive 4:46.
  • Really great facilities at SHS (thanks Tom for arranging).
  • Fun seeing many WTAC and other familiar faces.
57 miles!!  My longest ride ever.  Mike B set this one up.  We rode the majority of the upcoming Rhode Warrior course.  Hilly!  Especially on Route 49 in Crutch territory.  Took a break at West Bakery in Hope Valley, where Tom treated.  I need a refueling by then.  Total ride 3.5 hours!  Will need to do this distance and level of hills a few more times before August race.
Mike B riding in his usual position of wrong side of the road :)

Beautiful scenery along Route 49 in No Stonington

Along the ride ... I think this sign was meant for Muddy :)

Looked like nobody home at this familiar house, so we stopped for
a swim and a slide

11 miles.  Intended a long solo run, but the legs were really heavy after yesterday's hillfest.  Fog was thick as pea soup.  Fun running on beach at low tide.
1.1 miles.  Tri-Mom swim clinic at Watchaug Pond, Burlingame.  $25 for a 1.5 hour training session.  Wasn't sure what to expect or if it's worth the money, but I certainly can use any tips.  6 students swam 1 mile (1/4 mile at a time with breaks at every 1/4 mile) while two instructors paddled alongside swimmers and gave individual stroke technique assessments and tips.  (They would stop you during the swim, as well as give feedback at breaks).

Feedback for me:
  • My sighting is good and was given as an example for the group (surprised, but good to know there's something I'm doing right).
  • My arms need to be much wider apart upon entry into the water and in front of my shoulders instead of my head (this reaffirms what Elise had told me, which I started to do, but evidently not enough, or I reverted to my bad habits).
  • My return (underwater arm pulling) has my elbow at 90 degree angle instead of more normal 45 degree.
  • Bi-lateral breathing improves swimming in a straight line (I'm working on, but it's not taking)
  • Watch swim efficiency videos from Olympic triathlete Andy Potts, including this one
3 miles.  Finished out the day with a barefoot run on the beach with FiveK down to Seaside, chatted w/Mike B, and back to close out the day, before headed out to a 16th birthday celebration for my oldest.  Time really does fly!

Week tally:
51 miles
78 miles
1.6 miles

Week recap:
Looking at the numbers above, I'm really happy.  I'm actually anxious to try practicing some of my new swim tips; I have no illusions that I'll now be one of the first out of the water, but even if I can make minor improvements I'll be happy.  Now to start thinking about next week's holiday weekend training ...


  1. That is a really beautiful route and yes hilly! One of my more favorite places to ride. Although I prefer stopping at Buttonwood Farms for ice cream, but a bakery would suffice in a pinch! 201 south just after the 165 intersection has some of my favorite views of I think it is Lantern Hill but I'm not sure. Enjoy more long rides!

  2. Gazelle,
    A few quick things:
    1. Nice volume and diversity this week in training. Kudos to yo.
    2. Don't let that youngun beat you at the fun run this week. Show him the old man has still got some giddyup in his hooves (even for just one more week).
    3. My favorite WTAC picture of all time might be the one you have above in the lower right hand corner. The only person looking at the camera is Mike B and maybe Matthew? Westerly Track and ADD Club....

  3. What's funny is that when I returned that morning from my long run with Muddy our house had no power, so I used that tiny pool to cool off!