Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Weekly Log 2-Jun to 8-Jun-2014

17 miles.  Coastal ride with Matthew.

800 yards early morning swim.  As was the case last Friday, couldn't stop sneezing and runny nose the rest of the day.  Damn pool allergens!  Will be switching to open water soon.

15 miles:
Morning track workout [8 miles].  Hadn't been to the track in months, and it showed:
1 x mile (5:36), 2 x 800 (2:46, 2:52), 4 x 400 (81, 79, 78, 79).  Not boding well for Bottone Mile in three weeks.  My apologies to any WHS staff and students I scared today during the school day.  One school official came out on the track while I was running; I think she was checking if I needed oxygen or any medical attention.
Mark ran a 2:19 in 800 event at yesterday's JV State Meet.
Way out of my league.

Afternoon recovery run [7 miles].  Humid.

5 miles.  430am.  Rainy.

1,000 yards!  Gradually upping the distance.  500 yard warm-up, then a mix of drills and a 100 yard cool-down.  This time wore Speedo nose plugs to keep the pool allergens out.  I'm sure I looked like a dork (or as my son Matthew would say, even more of a dork than usual), but it worked!
6 miles.  Met up with Crutch to explore trails in his area.  Nice to have so many trail preserves around his house.

6 miles.  Pawcatuck Lions 5K.  Separate write-up shortly.

34 miles.  Great group run planned out by Mike B.  Westerly / Stonington / No Stonington via 184 going out and Route 1 on return.  I thought Mike's self-proclaimed "b%tch of a hill" was the 3% rise on 184, but then he dragged us on a 9% climb on Pequot Trail.  Ugh!  Chris was really strong on the climb, as the rest of us suffered.
Stopped for a break to watch the swim portion of the Mystic Tri.  Really got into mentally, wishing I was participating.  Two weeks 'til Goddard, I can use the two additional weeks of swim training.  Thanks FiveK for the iced coffee stop at Junque 'N Java.
4 miles.  Nothing, right?  Except this was right after the ride, it was warm and sunny, and the pace was fast.  FiveK and I dropped the second mile at 5:44.  Was glad to see his parents out walking so I can use an excuse to talk to them and catch my breath!  Resumed the run.  The final mile for me was a 6:10, and an average run pace of 6:13.  Completely spent!

Week tally:
38 miles
51 miles
1 mile

Week recap:
If there was a downside, it was that my mileage for the week was low.  However, the upsides far exceeded the downsides:  swimming x2, with increased yardage.  Biking x2, with a long hard brick workout on Sunday.  Running returning to sub-6 race pace.

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  1. I'd alert Mike B. to the Saturday stat, but he probably has it marked on his calendar :)