Monday, June 2, 2014

Back Road Ramble 5K

June 1, 2014

Between my warmest day thus far this year of running (low 70s), plus my first race since my surgery, I really had no expectations going into this.  Having designed the course this year for the Y, I obviously knew it quite well, and was just looking forward to having some fun running it and getting a new baseline.
Race start

Mile 1:  The uphill run through the amphitheater was harder than I thought, and I found myself in 8th place leaving it.  Matthew passed me and said, "What are you doing back here?".  In the Burlingame parking lot, I repassed Matthew and shortly after on Sanctuary Road I passed the Chariho middle school runner that battled back and forth with Matthew over track season.  I told him "good job" and was pleased to hear him reciprocate.  Ahead I could see Jonny leading the way, followed closely by Spyros, some kid I didn't know, and FiveK.  Entering the single-track, it was just me, myself, and I.  6:17.
Uphill open climb through amphitheater

Mile 2:  Course was very well marked here, especially through a short climb through a pine grove where there was no established trail.  In the field leading to the cabins, I passed the kid that had been up with Jonny; guess he went out way too fast.  The short section of single-track from the cabins was fun but over too fast; hopefully next year we'll get approvals to extend further.  A short burst across campground fields brought me to a water stop and the end of Mile 2.  6:24.

Mile 3:  All alone for this one.  On the way, Sanctuary Road was fine, but the way back just seems to go on forever.  Entering the Burlingame parking lot, I asked volunteer course marshal Lynne if anyone was right behind me, and fortunately no one was.  Up the hill to the old finish, then a fast winding downhill to the new.  6:17.

Exiting the woods before downhill finish

Final results:  19:43 (6:20 pace), 4th overall, 1st in age group.  Full results here.

No land speed records today, and well behind the three ahead of me.  Still, happy to be back racing and good to have a baseline to improve upon to get back into the game.  Nice lunch waterside after the race, and while I was disappointed that they didn't open up the water trampoline afterwards, had fun going kayaking with Matthew to wind up the event.

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