Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Weekly Log 16-Jun to 22-Jun-2014

Tri season racing kicks off this week.  Excited for my first race, yet nervous especially as this dummy didn't realize until now that the swim portion is 1.5km (0.9 mi) instead of 1.0km (0.6 mi).

7 miles.
Site of today's run.
Never been here before, but in perhaps my last day ever working at the Smithfield campus,
I thought "What would Seth do?"  (Kind of like "What would Jesus do?", only different)

Trails ranged from open fields to ...

forests to ....

I think this log stream crossing was part of the
"Connector Trail", but I'd need an  official ruling from Rhody Seth.
Tuesday:  0
After running 24 miles on Sunday and a good trail run yesterday, my body told me it needed a rest.

22 miles to and through Quonochontaug.  Bonus surprise was catching up with a woman that knew my grandmother.  I had stopped to look at the houses my grandparents lived in when I was a kid, along Quonochontaug Pond, when a woman came out from next door asking what I was looking at.  I explained the family background (my grandparents bought property including her homestead and moved here in the 50s, I spent much time in my childhood summers here, etc).  She said she had lived her for 40 years and seemed skeptical and asked me my name, and when she heard my last name, that was the turning point.  "I remember Mrs Walker", as her eyes lit up, I seemingly became her new best friend, and she invited me into her house and gardens.  She is 89 years young, and was just finishing up her garden chores before going out on her daily walk!
Final bonus:  a stop at Dave's coffee.  The $5 bill I got in change seemed a little odd.  On closer look, it has "Redeemable for gold ..." printed on it and is dated 1928.  A quick check on the Internet shows the value varies from $20 to $250.  Cool, but I'll just hang on to it.
5 miles.  Brick workout.
Just another day in ugly coastal Rhode Island.  Wished I was back in India now for that last business trip
they were trying to get out of me.
3 miles.  Oppressive run at Westerly Fun Runs.  Just kept slowing the pace intentionally, as the 84-degree was just draining me.

Thursday:  0
Another rest / taper day before OMG race.

16 miles.  Easy Watch Hill and local spin with Matthew and Jonny E.

 0.6 miles.  First ocean swim of the season from Westerly Town Beach.  F-R-I-G-I-D.  FiveK, Shara, B, Matthew, Jonny E.  The boys were the coldest as they didn't have wetsuits, but even for myself it took me 3-4 minutes of swimming before I warmed up in the 59-degree water.
3 miles.  Same group, plus Crutch and his friend Jim Haskins.  Down to Weekapaug Breachway and back, barefoot.

Sunday:  Oh My Goddard Olympic Tri - separate write-up to follow shortly.
0.9 miles (1.5K). 
21 miles (40K)
6 miles (10K)

Week tally:
24 miles
49 miles
1.5 miles

Week recap:
Running mileage was way low, as expected due to Olympic tri training and tapering.  Had a great tri.  Expect to get back at training next week and get the mileage back up about 50.

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  1. Good luck on Sunday!! And yeah, I can totally see why you'd want to be in India versus coastal RI!!