Monday, June 23, 2014

Oh My Goddard Olympic Triathlon

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Overall Results:  2:08:42.  2nd in my age group!  33rd overall of 192 finishers.  Full results with splits.

3:45am wake-up call came early.  Had everything packed the night before, left the house at 4:30am, and after a stop to pick up FiveK and speedy Shara, we were off for the 1-hour ride to Warwick's Goddard Park.  Arrived 5:30am, saw a very nervous Amanda ready for her 1st Olympic tri.  Was Seth here? - no, he was on the couch, er, incapacitated.  Finished setup with Matthew by 6am, and with 30 minutes to spare, I planned a quick bathroom stop then a short run on the course.  No dice!  25 minute line, yes, in the mens' room.  Uggh.  Got my wetsuit on and got to the starting line as they were calling 30 seconds to the start!
The gang is still half asleep upon arrival at Goddard Park

The Swim:  1.5K, 27:44, 152nd place.
Water was warm and calm.  I got through this 0.9 mile swim in my usual slow back-of-the-pack fashion, but had no troubles at all, other than occasionally couldn't make out where the buoys were in the distance.

The Bike:  40K, 59:25, 33rd place.
Really happy with my bike time.  Averaged just over 20 mph for the ride.  The back roads to Quonset / Davisville were quiet and empty.  At times I was wondering if I was still on the course.  Unlike Block Island or Crabman Tris where you constantly see people on the bikes, there were stretches where I saw no one ahead of me.  At one point, I saw something blurry moving across the road far ahead of me.  Eyes playing tricks on me?  Nope, a pack of turkeys crossing the road.  Moving at 26mph at this point with the turkeys at a slow walk, wasn't sure how this would work out.  Fortunately, the last of the turkeys was clearing off the road as I came through.
After the turkey fear, it was clear sailing the rest of the route as the course reversed back onto itself at points, and then the sprint and Olympic courses merged.
Matthew finishing up the trail run

The Run:  10K, 36:52, 5th place.
Off the bike, the legs just did not want to move.  First and second mile were both in the 6:50s.  I was passing people left and right (in fact, I passed 89 people in total), but most of that because I was far back from my slow swim, and I just felt sluggish.  Most of the run was on dirt trails through the park.  At Mile 3, I passed Steve Schonning, and he was kind enough to point out the guys in our age group just a little ahead of us, and give me some encouragement.  The chase is on!  Finally by Mile 4, I had picked it up to 6:12 pace and held that pace for the rest of the race.  Passed those two guys and then 1/2 mile before the end I came up on and had to work hard to pass another guy in our age group (your age is marked on your leg).
Post-race:  A good race day for the Walkers

A happy age group placer

Surprised and thrilled to make the age-group podium

When I checked the results, I was truly surprised to find I had placed second in my age group, especially with the disproportionately long swim.  Shara won the overall sprint race, and Jonny E, Matthew, Polly, and FiveK also placed in their age group.  Good results all around.
(photo courtesy Beth Eckel)


  1. I'll have you know that by 5:30 I had made it up to be, thank you very much.

    Nice work with the 2nd place age group win! Sounds like it was a great day all around!

  2. What’s this – you already move up in ago group – how did that work
    You forgot your age already
    Figures, I don’t do this race and you are in a different age group

    1. Ha! My age is getting so high it's hard to keep track of! Seriously, for sanctioned triathlons they use your age as of December 31 (but I'm guessing you already knew that and wanted the opportunity to bust my chops!).

  3. Love Mike B's comment.

    Great race, Jeff! Your bike and run times were fantastic. Now just a little more speed in the water and you'll be dominating the 50-54 age group.

  4. Great race Jeff!! Awesome your strengths in biking and running were able to pull you forward!! Glad the turkeys didn't interfere, they are kinda stupid, not as stupid as domestic ones though... (domestic ones drown in the rain, they look up to see where the water is coming from and their mouths open up and boom, there you go, drown turkey)

  5. Great job! Congrats on your 2nd place AG.

    Thanks for all the encouragement. It means so much to me. Thanks!