Monday, June 9, 2014

Pawcatuck Lions 5K

Saturday, June 7, 2014

This local race is a regular on my running circuit.  While I'm not a fan of the out-and-back style course with a cone turnaround, I do try to support the local races, I like the RD, and I usually run into a lot of runners I know.  This year they had a record 171 finishers.

Arrived about 45 minutes early, and it was hot and direct sun already.  Felt really warm in the warm-up (no pun intended) with Tom and Shara, Mike B, and Matthew.  Between that and just coming back racing, I set a goal of  18:30, about a 6-flat pace.  And off we go ...
Seeking pre-race shade with the boy
(Westerly Sun photo)

Mile 1:  When the dust settled, I was trailing FiveK and a 16-year old regular that I've battled before at this race.  The 16-year old caught right up to FiveK.  I really didn't know that was going to play out, but by 1/2 mile he had dropped off and by the mile mark I was just behind him myself.  5:44!

Following FiveK out, as he clears a path
(Shara and Mike B behind me; Schonning on my left, as well as half of Jeff V?)
Mile 2:  Got some words of encouragement from Tom McCoy as I continued on my trek.  I passed the 16-year old with ease and headed to the turn-around.  FiveK was on his return as I got close to the turn-around, which is atop a massive hill climb.  Shortened my stride for the ascent, and reached the summit, which has an impressive elevation of 14'.  Back to the 2-mile mark feeling pretty good.  5:50.

Hot and sweaty finish;
back to short-shorts and singlet weather.

Mile 3:  OK, getting pretty hot now and breathing getting more labored.  Really, FiveK and B actually prefer racing in hot and humid weather?!  Trying to keep it together now.  I know I'm slowing, but really want to go sub-6 for the final mile as well.  When will this road end?!  Finally the end is in sight.  Final mile 5:52.  Yes!

Great WTAC team pic with the Pawcatuck River as backdrop
(Thanks Jana!)
18:11 (5:52 pace).  2nd overall, 1st in age group for my final 5K race in my 40s.  I think Mikes B and C are happy to get rid of me!  Full results here.


  1. Nice race. You're returning to form!

  2. Nice race! And yes, when I am returning from a run out there, it seems like that last mile (I can never miss that mile marker in the road) n.e.v.e.r. ends. Glad to see you back in action!!

  3. Nice race – now take a hike and go race Colburn
    Crutch told me to say that

  4. Nice job Gazelle! Don't let those beach bums fool you. Hot weather racing is for suckers. Give me cool, dreary and dry with a high of 45 degrees.

  5. Nice race Gazelle! You are getting right back into the swing of it.