Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekly Log 26-May to 1-Jun-2014

Memorial Day weekend coasting into June.  Beach season, tri season, and fun runs are now just around the corner.  As for races, I will be going from not having raced in two months (Big River in early April, final race pre-surgery) to potentially a race every single weekend in June:  BRR, Pawcatuck Lions, Niantic, OMG, Bottone.

41 miles!  FiveK met me at my house at 5:45am and we biked to the Y to meet up with Chris, Mike B, and B's friend and fast rider Dave.  Mike had planned out a route from Westerly to Chariho to Hope Valley, then 138 to Rockville where we rode Canonchet Road out to Route 3 before the return to Westerly.  Canonchet Road was like a hidden road, downhill most of the way, and under a thick canopy of tree cover.  I had fun gazelling downhill, felt I could hold my own on the flats, but was humbled on the uphills, especially on the 5% Hopkinton City climb where Chris and Dave quickly pulled out of sight from me.
Quick stop at the Old Stone Dam on Richmond / Hopkinton line,
dating to 1700s.  History and recent repairs here.

Two happy, energetic cyclists

One old and tired cyclist,
and one happy, energetic cyclist trying to prop him upright

En route to Mike B's childhood tour,
a quick stop outside the gates of the Puddin' Palace
(If you look real closely in front of the flowering bush upper right, it looks
like Mr Puddin' had set out his pink cycle planning to ride with us,
but he was nowhere to be found)

Mike pointed out his childhood home.  Given his advanced age, I had expected that all that would be left of his childhood home would be stone foundations from a bygone age (like the ones in Woody Hill), but he pointed out a home with electricity and running water.  I'm guessing he's old and confused and pointed out the wrong home.  Good ride; thanks Mike for planning and for the coffee stop.

Afternoon:  I'm all for the cookout and fun of Memorial Day, but now it was time for the more traditional meaning of remembering those who served and are no longer with us.  My father served in US Army intelligence in Germany in the early 1960s, where he met my mother.  I was happy Jana and the boys came along for the ride to my father's grave and helped plant a geranium, especially as the meaning is not quite the same for them having never met him, as he was taken by lung cancer at an early age of 58.
The resolution is poor, but I still like the picture:
My Dad and I at the beach in July 1968

6 miles.  10K Sunrise Beach Run.  Softened the back-to-work blues after a long holiday weekend.
10 miles.  Brief, breezy bike ride with Matthew.

6 miles.  Had a one hour window of time anywhere between Providence and Camp Watchaug.  Opted to stop at Big River, with the goal not to get lost.
Well, if I did get lost, it looks like I'd have a place to sleep ...

Odd to see this along the single-track.  It was unlocked and
open, but I avoided as it looked like an invitation for tetanus.  I don't
need any more ailments this year.
I'm guessing this is Pump Trail?

5 miles.  Picked up the pace on a morning run.  Pace varying 6:08 (downhill) to 6:57.
17 miles.  Coastal ride with FiveK.  Pushed it hard on the Ocean View and Atlantic segments.

650 yards.  Barely upping the yardage.  Tiring.  I know I need to do this more.
14 miles.  Solo run from the Y along the river in Pawcatuck, trails crossing through Barn Island, and back on Greenhaven.  Felt really good.

13 miles.  Group breakfast run hosted by Chris.  Felt good at start, but somewhere in the middle I just completely ran out of steam.  Really nice for Chris et al to host breakfast on their deck for 9 sweaty runners.

21 miles.  Group ride with FiveK, B, and Chris.  From my house out to Bradford, back Klondike Road, Charlestown.  Stop at Dave's Coffee for proceeding on for a brief oceanside ride through Weekapaug and Misquamicut.  Looking forward to continuing these rides throughout the summer.
5 miles.  Back Road Ramble.  Write-up to follow.

Weekly totals:
49 miles
89 miles
0.4 miles

Week recap:
Happy to get in a solid week of both riding and running.  From here, it's a matter of upping both, adding in open water swimming, and starting to figure out a fall marathon plan.

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  1. Excellent history lesson! Think I'll try that route, just to check out the damn, very cool. Love all the little discoveries along the way. So sorry to hear about your father, 58 is way to young and well you (probably since my blog goes on and on about it from time to time) know my thoughts on that bastard lung cancer. Great picture of the two of you! So special for you to share with Jana and the boys.