Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Weekly Log 12-May to 18-May-2014

Well, this should be my 4th and final prescribed week of recovery, after which I should be able to resume any physical activity without constraint, unless my body tells me otherwise.  Will try to dip into the pool again late week, even if just for a few hundred yards.  Otherwise, plans include resuming the biking and continuing to increase the run distance and intensity.

Monday:  0
Top of the Podium!  (awards 6 deep)
Matthew is this year's Middle School 1,500 champion
 in the RI Southern Division Championships held Monday at CCMS.
He was boxed in at the start by two Narragansett runners, trailed for most of the race, but ran smart as he overtook the lead runner with about 600 yards to go and never looked back.  PR of 4:50.  5:11 average pace - yeah, I'm in trouble at the Bottone Mile.  On my all-time list of "proud Dad" moments!

Matthew wraps up his middle school running career at the RI State Meet on Saturday.  He has several fast female WMS runners going with him, but he's the lone boy from Westerly that qualified for any running event (he qualified in three - 800, 1500, and 3000).

Tuesday:  5
430 Club.  Finally dropped the pace below 7, with a 6:44 average pace.  No pain, but I was sure huffin' and puffin'.  Progress.

Wednesday:  11
Woody Hill solo morning run.  Varied it up a little by running more of the southern portion of Woody Hill, and starting from Bradford instead of Wahaneeta.  "Found" a single-track trail all the way to Robin Hollow.  Was very happy with that.  Short run from 5K's place to get this additional access point.  Studying Westerly plot maps, the path looks legit to be entirely on Woody Hill state property, save for maybe a 1/2 acre at the very end owned by Cherenzia.

Thursday:  6
Road/trail run w/FiveK.  Let me share a few tricks of the trade if you're running with FiveK and want  slow him down a bit:
  1. Run with him AFTER he has completed a full track workout.
  2. Run him on twisty single-track, especially over a few full stream crossings!
Friday:  12
Double down.  Ran first with WLT president Sheilia, as she showed me the new trails in Woody that the WLT crew have been cutting which will link just north of Wahaneeta to the main N-S Woody Hill gravel road.  The WLT had asked if I can help to map the trails.  Happy to oblige.
Finished up, and felt like I still wanted more, so parked at Weekpaug Breachway and ran out Weekapaug Sand Trail and back on the beach for a Breachway-to-Breachway solo run.

Saturday:  Run 11, Bike 16
We were originally hoping for 6, but with the threatening weather and time changes, it ended up being just FiveK and I for a brick from his place:
Peppy run on the beach westbound to Misquamicut and then mostly Shore Road back. 
Bike out to Watch Hill and back.  Couldn't hold a candle to him when he flew down Ocean View Highway, but felt good overall.  No pain or discomfort this time.  Just tiring.
Matthew (boxed in 3rd from the back in this photo) running the 3,000 in his
final middle school meet:  RI State Meet 2014
23 runners from around the state qualified for and ran the 3,000.

Making his way up to about 6th place
(blue Westerly jersey in lane 2)

Final results:  a PR of 10:33 (5:39 pace),
2nd fastest in the state in the 3,000!

Sunday:  Run 10, Bike 10
Morning:  2-mile warmup run to Avondale, then 1 mile @ 5:48, followed by 3 x 400 (81, 78, 80).  Cooled down on the Avondale trails, then slow run home via Misquamicut Beach.  Not the kind of pace I was looking for, but you have to start somewhere.
Afternoon:  10-mile comfortable pace bike ride with Matthew out to Watch Hill and back

Weekly mileage totals:
Run:  55
Bike:  26
Swim:  Nada.  Didn't happen

Week in review
Most importantly, this was Matthew's week.  The WMS girls team had a solid victory, but for the boys Matthew was by himself and turned in an awesome finale to his middle school career.

For myself, I'm thrilled to have a second 50+ mile week of running.  Increased the rides, and will need to work on the swim.  Psyched with the warmer running weather, although it's a narrow window before it gets too hot and muggy around here.


  1. Way to go, Matthew!!! And if you're already sub-7, I'd say your recovery is going very well...good job!

  2. Congrats to Matthew! What a great accomplishment. Hopefully many more top finishes in the coming years!

  3. that's not Matthew in that picture - he's smiling

  4. Finally Matthew smiling!!! Congratulations Matthew!!! Way to go!!!

  5. Great job, Matthew. The old man is shaking from fear now......