Friday, May 23, 2014

Weekly Log 19-May to 25-May-2014

Cruising into Memorial Day weekend, it's high time to resume all three tri activities.

Monday:  0
Rest day.

5 miles.  Champlin trails with Crutch, after wrapping up some club business.
18 miles.  To Bradford with FiveK, out via Dunn's Corner Bradford Road, back via Klondike.  First time post-surgery that I felt really good on the bike.  Looking forward to more group rides.

7 miles.  Great Swamp Management Area.  Time was tight before a meeting, so I upped the pace to make it a progression run:  7:24, 7:09, 7:05, 6:45, 6:32, 6:15, 5:57.

6 miles.  Started at Wahaneeta with FiveK, ran up into northern Woody Hill, new town property down to lax field, and back.  Couldn't hold a candle to Muddy's "The Woody" 9% incline hill road segment; don't know how he cranked out eight of these the other day.

11 miles.  Solo run from the Y through No Stonington farmland, back Laurel and winding my way downtown via Potter Hill, Forrestal, and Old Hopkinton Cemetery Roads.  Kept average pace under 7, while climbing some decent hills for a 544 foot elevation gain.  Felt "good".

PS - Why are so many old guys my age hanging up their running shoes?  Has Galoob been talking to them?  Ran into Earl Thomas in Springbook on my run today; asked him if he's running anymore, and he said no.  This was a guy I used to run 20-mile long runs with when we were prepping for Boston.  Add him to the list of Larry Orlando, Peter Weeden, and I think John Ward who called it quits.  Schonning runs very little now and Vuono has repeatedly said he'll hang up the shoes at age 52 (less than a year away?).  What gives?

500 yards.  Y pool.  It wasn't pretty, it wasn't far, but on the upside, I didn't drown, and there was no pain this time.

15 mile Woody Hill group run with FiveK, B, and Muddy.  New trails to run on, plus a few more planned in the fall.  Running from FiveK's place gives a lot more trail option.

Rest day.

Weekly mileage:
Run:  44
Bike:  18
Swim:  0.25

Obviously 500 yards of swimming is paltry and isn't going to carry me for the upcoming tri season, but it's a start and I'm happy I was able to get all three activities in.  From here, it's ramping up the frequency and intensity, as well as starting to plan out a rough schedule for fall marathon training.

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