Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Weekly Log 20-Jul to 26-Jul-2015

Monday:  0

20 miles.  To Stonington and back with Mike B and crew.
5 miles.  Warm up with Mike.  Fun run with Josh.

7 miles.  Morning 4-mile easy run in Needham, with strides.  Evening easy Westerly Fun Runs.

3 miles.  Blessing shakeout w/Matthew.

12 miles.  The Blessing!  Full write-up shortly.

0.5 miles.  Fat Clam Tri.  Write-up to follow.
12 miles.
4 miles.

7 miles.  Met up with Jonny and Chris for a trail run from Jonny's house.  Was afraid I wouldn't be able to hang with my younger compatriots after two straight days of racing, but after we got moving, I felt better. Took NSF from Burdickville, wound our way across Buckeye Brook and took new twisty mountain bike trails south of Buckeye Brook.  Had a lot of fun in general, but especially bounding downhill and twisty trails.  Deerflies unfortunately were in full force.  Despite me killing 13 of the nasty pests, I think there might still be a few of them left.

Weekly Mileage Log:
0.5 miles.   
32 miles.
38 miles. Light week of running, but back-to-back races figured into that.  With another back-to-back race weekend coming up, not sure next week will be much more.

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