Sunday, July 12, 2015

Weekly Log 6-Jul to 12-Jul-2015: FiveK wedding week

I want to name this entry in honor of my good friend Tom Bousquet.  Many happy returns to Shara and Tommy!

6 miles.  Usually my day off, but how can I resist Matthew's request to run Chariho Fun Runs?  At my alma mater, the track is long since rubberized (it was a dirt track when I attended Chariho back in the colonial era), and is where both feature races (1-mile and 3-mile) start and end).  Ran the mile relatively hard in 5:23 and the 3-miler relatively easy in 21 flat.

6 miles.  Very humid and misty morning local run.  Soaked upon return.
19 miles.  Bike to and fro Stonington Fun Runs with Mike B, Matthew, and his friend.
5 miles.  Stonington Fun Runs.  Warm-up with Mike, then a chatty easy 6:53 pace run.

5 miles.  Easy pace run in Needham, MA neighborhoods pre-work.
3 miles.  Another day, another fun run.  Westerly Fun Runs were really hot and humid this week:  5:51, 6:07, 5:50.  Not my kind of running weather.

9 miles with Matthew to Watch Hill and back.  7:10 should feel comfortable, but maybe my body was tired or maybe I'm tired of the humidity?

0.6 miles.  Tommy 5K send-off with the guys.  Some of us swam, some hung out on the shore.  Good to see Chris join us, although well ahead of me.

3 miles.  Group run of 8, followed by Mimosas on the beach.  Thanks much to Mike B for organizing.
Pleased and honored to celebrate with the
happy couple!

40 miles!  Charlestown, SK, NK, Exeter, Richmond, and back to Charlestown.  Longest ride of the year yet for me.  Pales to Tom's century and Beth's 87-miler, but it was quite an effort for me.  Rode with Mike B and Chris.  We were really pushing it in a few places.  The hardest part for me was new territory:  Despite living in Richmond for about 15 years, I don't believe I had ever been on Old Mountain Road.  Now I know why - I'm pretty sure I would've been scared of it.  7% grade climbing 150' of winding road in 1/2 mile, but the reward was nearly three miles of downhill thereafter.  This was one part of the ride that I just could not hang with Chris.  He treated us to a cold drink and snack at a coffee shop in Wyoming, before the ride home.
4 miles.  No rest for the weary.  Despite the heat (mid-80s) and high-Noon sun, Chris and I quickly donned our running shoes for a road/trail combo.  (Mike had had enough of either us or the ride by now and bid us farewell.)  While tired from the ride, somehow my legs did not feel too bad on the transition.  We did not run a slouch pace, with splits of 6:37, 7:13 (trail), 6:43, and somehow a 6:19 pace on the final 0.6 mile section (uphill on asphalt).  Downed two glasses of ice water back at Chris' house before calling it a day.  Great brick workout.  Will pay dividends at upcoming tris.

5 miles.  Sailfest 5K.  Write-up to follow shortly.

Week highlights:  1) Friday swim/run pre-wedding festivities with Tom and friends, and wedding thereafter, 2) Saturday brick workout, 3) Sunday Sailfest success.  What a weekend!  Will try to dial up the running a notch before backing off a tad for Blessing in less than 2 weeks now!

Weekly Mileage Log:
0.6 miles.   
59 miles.  Happy with that.
47 miles.  Happy with that as well.


  1. Great week!

    I'll have to hork the GPS from the ride you took on Saturday. Old Mountain Road sounds like good fun and torture!

  2. Gazelle, thanks for the well wishes. Great week of training and Sailfest race!