Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Weekly Log 14-Dec to 20-Dec-2015: OMF Week

Final week of fall, leading up to the first race in the winter trail race series.

Monday:  9
Usually my day off, but not on Mondays when I have the day off from work.  Recovery run (after Christmas 10K) around the pond, plus a little extra to make nine.  Mid-50s, rainy, and dreary.

Tuesday:  5
Morning:  Hike and gathering with the Westerly Land Trust crew at Wahaneeta.  They had the cabin open with a fire and were serving hot beverages and doughnuts to thank volunteers.  Talked trail running and trail race possibilities with WLT prez.
Evening:  7 of us gathered at our house for the 4th annual edition of a Christmas light run.  I thought it would be time for switch to Tommy's neck of the woods, but he said they're Scrooges his way.  I tried to vary a little to see more of the Chin Hill neighborhood.  Always a good time.

Wednesday:  9
Blue Heron trail loop in reverse.  39 degrees felt chilly compared to recent balmy temps. 

Thursday:  5
Another rainy, blah, balmy day.  Ran solo in Wahaneeta trails after work, fortunately with a headlamp.  Pouring rain slowed my pace and visibility.  Surprisingly, no one else was on the trails.  At one point, I was spooked by what I thought was someone talking.  I stopped and turned my light off and listened.  Owl!

Friday:  5
What is with this December?  Another warm, rainy day.  Ran the Champlin trails in the dark with Matthew.

Saturday:  5
Old Mountain Field 5K.  See separate write-up.

Sunday:  8
Around the pond run with Matthew.  Early and breezy.

Followed that up with meeting the president of RI NEMBA and 4 other members for a walk-through of new Westerly open space at Bradford Preserve.  Longest hike in a while at 6.5 miles!  Showed them existing trails and features of different parts of the non-contiguous properties.  It sounds like we have similar interests in getting trails developed.  The plan is for these to be developed in three stages, with the project duration estimated to last five years!

Weekly mileage total:  46.  Highest since September.

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