Sunday, December 13, 2015

Weekly Log 7-Dec to 13-Dec-15: Christmas 10K week

A week of Christmas events, including the WTAC holiday party and Christmas 10K and group lunch.

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  0
OK, Monday was planned, but today I was just lazy.  Old, fat, lazy, and sloth-like.

Wednesday:  13
Trying to end my recent torpor, I pulled a double:
Morning workout:  (8)  Needham track. 4 x mile (5:35), 2 x 800 (2:43, 2:45), 4 x 400 (81, 79, 79, 75).  Really pleased that I was able to finish this one.
Afternoon trail romp:  (5) Ponkapoag Trail.
Watch your footing on the downhill!

Freaky and dark here.  Felt like I was in
something out of the Lord of the Rings and about to
be eaten.  Just didn't know if it was going to come
 down from the forest trees or up from the bogs.

Thursday:  5
Springbrook / North End lunchtime run nearing 60 degrees.

Friday:  9
Morning:  (2.5)  With my better half on her daily route.
Evening:  (6.5)  Solo evening run.

Saturday:  5
Morning 8-pace shakeout run from WHS after dropping Matthew off at track practice.
Spent the afternoon with Mark locating, cutting, dragging, and
hefting the annual Yuletide tree (Buttonwoods Farm, Griswold, CT).  Bagged a 14-footer.
Fun traditional rite with father/son, but bittersweet in that it may
be the last one as he'll likely be far out-of-state this time next year.
Tempus fugit!

Sunday:  10
Christmas 10K team race and group lunch festivities.  A fun day across the bay.  Write-up to follow.

Week recap:  42 miles.  Meeting my weekly goal of 40 miles, but with less than 3 weeks left in the year (gulp), time to start planning for 2016.


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