Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Weekly Log 8-Aug to 14-Aug: Humidity and Bobby Doyle

Like many, I'm tired of the recent heat and humidity.  Spent the better part of last weekend sitting inside in A/C.  Not my style, but I just easily feel sapped and lose all motivation to do anything.  Is this summer unusually hot and humid, or do I just have a short memory?

5 miles.  Course measuring, running with a measuring wheel in both Wahaneeta and Bradford Preserve.  Wahaneeta will be coming up in less than three weeks now.  Need to put together trail maintenance and race day volunteer needs now.

6 miles.  Sunset low tide beach.  Out and back from Westerly Town Beach.  Matthew seemed annoyed that there was a concert going on at the beach, but I enjoyed the festive atmosphere.

 6 miles.  5:30am group workout of three.  Mile in 5:39, followed by 3 x 400, 3 x 200.
12 miles.  Stonington Fun Run.
5 miles.  Stonington Fun Run.  Another season comes to an end for me.

3 miles.  Last Westerly Fun Run 5K for me this year.  Wanted to run this one hard, but no energy in yet another humidity drenching day.  19:16

Thursday: 0
Temps hit 90 even on the coast.  Day off for me.

10 miles.  Ran roads from the Mystic Y at 5:30am with Matthew and Jonny E.  By Mile 3, we had all doffed our sweat-soaked shirts on the side of the road to pick up later.  Matthew had planned out this run and it was neat to run on Mystic roads I had never been on before.  Cooling off in the Mystic River post-run followed by an iced coffee from Mystic Market were post-run highlights.

5 miles.  Mostly open field at Bradford Preserve.  Various circles trying to come up with options for start and finish portions of WHS XC course.  Near 90 degrees in direct sunlight.  Brutal.  Felt weak for the rest of the day.  Deerfly kill = 4.

5 miles.  Bobby Doyle Summer Classic, New England 5-Mile Championships.
No separate race report.  Just a few words here.  It was hot.  I hated it.

Not much more to report.  Stealing others' words, Strava posts from normally very fast runners were titled with words including "brutal", "running in hell", "ugh", "freaking hot", "humid mess", and "death march".  My favorite and perhaps only enjoyable part of the race was the fire hose.  Went for three long visits under the fire hose.
The heat and humidity were miserable even from the start.
You can even see the haze in this pic.
(Picture by Jana, deplorable conditions by Mother Nature)

Not exactly a flattering picture, but
captures the essence of how I feel.  Form is broken down,
wilting in the heat, soaked from head to toe in sweat.  Yes,
even my socks and shoes are soaked by now.
Please let this race end.  If it's like this next year,
I'm transferring my registration to Mikey B.
Caveat:  My whining and complaints are solely on account of the oppressive weather, and not a reflection of the fine organization of the race itself.

Weekly mileage:  46

Weekly synopsis:
Hot.  Humid.  Awful.  Ready for fall.

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  1. It hasn't been this opressivly hot and humid since summer of 2012.

    To answer your questions from your comments on my blog:

    Eddie as in Edge! The Volvo was the one that went off the pattern of Chip the Capri, Ernie the Explorer, Vinnie the Volvo and now Eddie the Edge.

    Yes it was opressively hot and humid and Sunday was the worst, even biking wasn't enjoyable. I hid inside also.

    I doubt I'll be up for Wahaneeta on the 3rd of September, count me in for a volunteer. Quite perterbed I won't be able to do the trifecta of races, better safe than sorry I suppose.

    Here's to less humidity and heat and fall! *cheers*