Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Weekly Log 10-Oct to 16-Oct-2016

Monday:  13
AM:  9-mile trail run with FiveK.  Yes, you read that right!  Wahaneeta, Woody, and Bradford Preserve, including the new XC course.
PM:  Having the holiday off, went for a second run.  Westerly Town Forest.

Tuesday:  5
Late afternoon Barn Island single-track run in reverse direction.  Really threw me off.

Wednesday:  8
Fun run at the Hale Reservation, Westwood, MA.  Mix of double and single-track.
Part of a cross-country flag where directional arrows
still remained.  This surface looks like a typical
cross-country course.

OK, now I'm surprised that this terrain
is still part of the cross-country course.
Plenty of rocks in here!

Thursday:  0
No excuses.  Lazy slug.

Friday:  6
Six miles on roads in White Rock, Springbrook, North End.  Second time in only two weeks on roads.  Crossed paths with WHS XC star Randi 3 times on the road, once was when I huffing and puffing up the 15% incline section on Hardwood Drive.  That section of road actually gets closed in the winter snow and ice because it is so steep. 

Got into a rhythm after a while, and with two miles of downhills, I was able to keep a relatively fast pace and finish my last mile in 6:08.  Average 6:33 pace on this run!

Saturday:  10
Trail run with Tommy and Mikey.  No, really!  If I add in Jonathan Short and Eric Dauphinais ran with us, perhaps it's more believable.  I think Jonathon said he hadn't run roads since Blessing!  35 degrees at start, and Mike was already whining about hating winter!  Fun group run from Burlingame campground around the pond mostly on Vin Gormley trail, and a little added on North-South Trail and Burlingame trail from Kettle Pond trail system.

Sunday:  13
Sakonnet Greenway Trail, Portsmouth.  Long way to go for a run (about 1 hour drive each way from Westerly), but Matthew is running there next Thursday and wanted to get a course preview.  Most of our run actually was on the Greenway Trail, which he researched.  Different terrain than I'm used to, as it was almost entirely running on grass trails along golf courses, and right through the Newport Vineyards!

Weekly mileage:  56

Weekly synopsis:  Highest mileage week since July!  Very happy with this.  I'm running almost entirely trails these days, but it was a nice mix with adding in a road run and a grass trails run.  For not running roads in a few weeks, I was pleasantly impressed with my road run, so I'll try to mix in a road run each week.


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