Sunday, October 9, 2016

Weekly Log 3-Oct to 9-Oct-2016: Final XC home meet and Pumpkins planning

Disappointing moment of the week:  After all the efforts to clean up Woody Hill trails, some careless idiot thinks it's his (or her) dumping ground:

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  8
Second and final WHS XC home meet of the season.  8 miles running around with setup, course marking, and clean-up.  Matthew lowered his own course record to 16:40 on a hilly course.

Wednesday:  0
4 days of nine-hour meetings in Providence left me with little time to run this week.

Thursday:  7
44-degree run in the dark at 5am.  First road run in almost a month.  I guess I should run them occasionally to work on speed, but have been really enjoying the spate of trail running.

Friday:  0
Too busy getting ready for Pumpkins race tomorrow.  Finalizing pre-race registration lists, notifying WTAC teammates on volunteer assignments, etc.

Saturday:  9
Run for the Pumpkins!  Write-up to follow imminently.

Sunday:  6
Ran the Mystic trails in a steady rain with Matthew.
Sign of a good trail run!

Weekly mileage:  29

Weekly synopsis:  If you based it on mileage alone, this would have rated as a really disappointing week.  However, it was a busy and fruitful week hosting two races at Bradford Preserve this week.  It has really been enjoyable seeing both the Pumpkins and XC courses come to fruition.


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