Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Weekly Log 24-Oct to 30-Oct-2016: Blood, Boardwalks, & Headlamps

Fall racing:  We're one month into fall now, and I'm looking to plan out the remainder of my races for 2016.  I raced too much during the sultry humid summer, and now have lost much of my zeal to race in the fall, when the weather is much more conducive to it.  I'm really going to have to plan this out better and race more sparingly in the summer heat. (Yeah, right, I probably say that every year.)  Anyway, here is my plan for remaining races.

Beyond that, I'll be looking to figure out a spring marathon.

Monday:  5
My bone-head move of not bringing running shoes to run did not deter me.  The trails had too many acorns for me to run barefoot on, so I ran five miles barefoot on the fields at Bradford Preserve.  I'm sure there would be a threshold not too much higher at which I would get blisters, but my feet feel fine writing this Monday evening.

Tuesday:  8
Trail run in Woody Hill.  Fun run in crisp weather, about 50 degrees in late afternoon.  Bolstered by Jeff Huckle's recent run, I ran the over-the-boulder single-track run down towards the quarry, a trail I had not run in over a year in the aftermath of the middle of the night quarry death.  I stayed well away from the quarry, but just enjoyed the trails.  Ran past the ledge, the pond, and down to Fallon Drive before making my way back. 
The oddest thing was that someone actually lugged a chainsaw onto Hansel & Gretel and cut four of the tree limbs that we were jumping over.  It had to be real recent, as the sawdust was fresh and certainly those limbs or tree trunks were there on the day of Pumpkins.  I'm sure the person meant well, but it rubbed me the wrong way as we got so many compliments on the fun of jumping over downed trees.

Wednesday:  11
AM:  6 miles on the Blue Heron Trail, Dedham, MA.  Comfy 38 degrees.  Maybe could've used a thin pair of gloves for the first mile, but otherwise comfortable in short shorts and a technical shirt.  Saw two runners; a guy wearing long running pants and an Asian woman and her dog both dressed like it was the middle of winter. 
Didn't see the root under the leaves,
and careened into a tree face first.
PM:  5 miles at the Blue Hills / Ponkapoag Trail, Milton, MA.  A mix of double and single-track.  Quite a few people out walking their dogs.
Running this boardwalk was fun,
but a little dicey.

Cool rock formation that I ran by on this single-track trail.

Thursday:  5
Coldest, rawest day thus far this fall.  By 4:30pm, it was 40 degrees with a steady rain.  Contemplating just going home and taking a zero, but ended up going to Wahaneeta.  As soon as I got out of the car into the cold rain, I was instantly cold.  Knew I had to keep moving on this run.  Between the near sunset and rain, it was really hard to see the trails despite that I know these trails well.  Ran off the trail a couple of times.  Finished the run, and blasted the heat in the car until I could get home for a hot shower.  Brrrr.

Friday:  5
15mph winds with gusts to 27mph.  Not sure why I decided to road runs today instead of seeking coverage in the woods, but I think it might have been because I wanted to get one road run in this week and didn't want to sacrifice trail runs on the weekend.
Pushed it on the middle mile for a 5:49 mile 3; otherwise, ran mostly in the 6:40s.

Saturday:  8
Crazy, busy day in advance of going to Matthew's Class B XC Championship race, then to the cemetery with my Mom and Jana on what would have been my Dad's 80th birthday today, and finally an evening Halloween party.  My Dad age 80, really?  I've seen him many, many times in my dreams and thoughts, but sometimes it seems like yesterday when I last physically saw him at age 58.  Time heals all wounds: what a load of crap.
Fun contemplative trail run in the dark.

Anyway, that's why I had to squeeze in a run at 5:30am.  Chose to run the Li'l Rhody course, as it's close to home and high degree of familiarity.  Fun solo run with headlamp.  Mine is pretty bright, but you obviously still don't have the same perception you do during daylight.  Small animals freaked me out as they scurried and scampered.

Sunday:  11
Group trail run of 5 at Arcadia.  Good thing Jonny put this together; otherwise I'd be totally lost and probably still out there.  At over 14,000 acres, this place is huge!  We had over 1,000 feet of climbing on the run.  Dirt roads aren't my cup of tea, but after a mile or two, we had plenty of single-track with some fun downhills that Jonny "let me" gazelle down.  The stone shelter was really neat, and the Escoheag Trail was probably my favorite trail on the day.  It warmed up all the way to about 70 degrees on this late October run.  Stopped in a river to run water over my face; it was tempting to just jump in.  Thanks Jonny for putting this together!

Weekly mileage:  56!

Weekly synopsis:  High mileage week.  Ran every day and felt good.

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  1. Saturday sounds like it was tough. I am sorry your father isn't physically around, it is nice he visits you in your dreams.