Monday, November 7, 2016

Weekly Log 31-Oct to 6-Nov-2016

Weekly anecdote:

Amen.  Running shorts should be short!
(Runner's World spoofing short shorts views from the 1960s,
and this product of the '60s can relate!)
Monday:  0
Busy with Halloween setup and getting the fire ready.  No running today.

Halloween.  Always fun, even though we got our
smallest group of trick-or-treaters (45) since we moved to Westerly.
Tuesday: 5
Pafford Woods.  Lots of loops to make 5 miles in here, but it was good technical fun.  Unfortunately, at one point, a German shepherd not on a leash stopped dead in its tracks just staring at me, making me very uncomfortable.  Fearing the worst of a looming attack, I stopped as well.  It was a tense minute or so for me until the owner appeared smiling, carrying the dog leash, and said she's very friendly.  Sorry, but I've been mauled, pinned, and sent to the hospital by a supposedly "friendly" German shepherd before.  Put the leash on it and consider how others might feel that don't know whether or not your dog is friendly.  I digress; the entire rest of the run was great.

First run with my new (second) pair of New Balance
Vazee Summit trail shoes.  Hideous?
Wednesday:  7
Needham track workout.  It's a beautiful 8-lane track and facility, and since it's one of the few tracks not attached to a school, I don't feel like a creep hanging out running during early school hours.  Still, it's a track and I'm not enamored of running around in circles (technically ovals, but you get the point).

Slower than I expected, but what kind of redemption can you expect from someone who seldom goes to "church"?  1 x mile (5:50), 2 x 800 (2:53, 2:53), 2 x 400 (83, 78).

Thursday:  6
Got a text mid-morning from Crutch looking for a Westerly run, so we went on a nice 6-mile trail run in Woody Hill.  Great fall day for a run.

Friday:  0
Another zero.  Just didn't plan this well, and the day got away from him.

Saturday:  11
Group run of five in Barn Island.  One of my favorite places to run.  With the number of hunters with guns in here, I may start to curtail at least Saturday runs here for a while.

Sunday:  11
Weekapaug / Misquamicut progression run for 8 of the 11 miles.  Roads.  7:53 down to 6:01.  Windy and winded.  Was planning on nine miles of progression, but talked myself out of the last mile into the wind.  Still good.  Cooled down on the beach for the run back home, and was very surprised to see a seal lying on the beach near the water's edge.

Weekly mileage:  40

Weekly synopsis:  Not many years back, I would have thought 40 to be a high mileage week, but not in recent years.  What I really need to do is pick a spring marathon, and then set training plans into motion.


  1. Damn dog owners! Glad this interaction went well. I like the color of the shoes, so no not hideous.

  2. Love the shoes, loved the run, and the dog encounters have grown exponentially lately. I blame the foliage! Damn leaves!